Posted by: craig | April 28, 2008

Day 3 - Monday ATR

The ER doctor had given me a list of Orthopedic surgeons, and a few friends made some recommendations, but I wasn’t completely sold on any of them.

The umpire at the little league game on Saturday and my neighbor each recommended I go to a local PT clinic as they knew the staff.  My neighbor suggested that in addition to the PT, they could line me up with a good Orthopedic surgeon.  The group does a lot of work with Santa Clara University atheletics and is sports oriented.  I was able to get in for a consultation.  The PT reiterated what the doctors at the medical clinic and the ER had stated, “I’m sure you have an ATR, but you need to see an Orthopedist.”  He recommended a couple including two who work with the SF 49ers and the SF Giants.  I called one, and was able to schedule an appointment for the next day, Tuesday 4/15.

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