S/P Right Achilles Surgery–7 Weeks

Pretty Eventful week for the ol’ ATR Recovery.  I saw my Ortho yesterday and he cleared me to get out of the boot and go into two shoes.  He was happy with the mobility in the ankle and told me that the tightness I feel at max dorsiflexion is normal and it will ebb over [...]

S/P Right Achilles Surgery-5 Weeks

Well, another week down and only 20 or so to go . . . (sigh)  This week was fairly eventful, as I began Physical Therapy on Monday.  The first appointment was just an eval, as I expected, but it was nice to hear good news.  The swelling around my ankle and the scar area isn’t too [...]

S/P Right Achilles Surgery-4 Weeks

Ok, so I’m a month out.  This is easily the most difficult injury I have ever had.  The hardest part about this for me right now is accepting just how long I have until I can cut, plant and run like I used to.  At least with my previous shoulder surgery, I was able to [...]

A Month out, ready to Blog-How it Happened

So it’s been about a month since my ATR.  I immediately started searching the internet to find blogs from people who had undergone an ATR and surgery, much like I did before going in for Shoulder Surgery.  I can’t tell you how great it was to read about other people’s experiences as I sat on [...]