S/P Right Achilles Surgery-5 Weeks

Well, another week down and only 20 or so to go . . . (sigh)  This week was fairly eventful, as I began Physical Therapy on Monday.  The first appointment was just an eval, as I expected, but it was nice to hear good news.  The swelling around my ankle and the scar area isn’t too bad and my ROM has returned to withing 7-10 degrees of normal.  The second appointment was yesterday and I got some Thera-Band exercises to start at home to go along with my leg lifts.  I do them twice a day, morning and afternoon and have been icing after each workout.  This week was also nice because I was finally able to start a routine at the gym again.  I can only ride the bike as of now for cardio, but upper body lifts all seem to be OK.  I was able to get a good Back/Triceps and Shoulders/Biceps split going this week, and despite clomping around in the cast, it felt good to be in the gym.  I got word from my Surgeon that he expects to clear me out of the boot at our next appt. which is only 2 weeks away, which is good.  But I did hear from my PT that the “balistic” activities that I need for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis won’t be OK till the 6 month mark.  Sheesh, that seems far away.  I do have hope of DH’ing at the end of this summer season though, both PT and Surgeon thought swinging a bat would be OK at 14-16 weeks.  As long as I can half-run 90 feet at a time I’ll play. 

I have pretty much returned to a “normal” routine with work and the gym now.   I have been walking pretty comfortably in the boot for the past two weeks and the left-footed driving is now second nature.  I have a feeling it will be difficult to limit myself mentally when I come out of the boot and start walking.  My mind will want to hit the field like normal but my body won’t let me.  Should be an interesting summer as I find ways to kill time.

2 Responses to “S/P Right Achilles Surgery-5 Weeks”

  1. Does your heel feel like it is bruised when you are walking in the boot?

  2. Hey Bo, yes it does feel like my heel is bruised. I have found that in the boot, a heel-to-toe walking motion is darn near impossible, which causes me to walk mainly on my heel. My boot is about three inches past my big toe meaning I can’t really “roll” from heel to toe as I walk. That and I think sometimes my heel will inch back a little too far and as I step down, I step down on the metal edge of the boot. Either way, it sucks compared to walking for real, but it is much better than the crutches.

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