S/P Right Achilles Surgery-4 Weeks

Ok, so I’m a month out.  This is easily the most difficult injury I have ever had.  The hardest part about this for me right now is accepting just how long I have until I can cut, plant and run like I used to.  At least with my previous shoulder surgery, I was able to walk, drive, do cardio and stand up while showering.  All things that you take for granted when feeling healthy, but can’t get out of your head when you are injured.

As of now, I am in the Boot and beggining to “walk” around the apt.  My job is a Field/Home based job as an Account Manager, so I don’t have to go into the office very often, making it possible for me to continue working.  Oddly enough, this past May has been one of the most successful months I have had since being promoted last Summer, guess eliminating all my recreational activities has made it easier to focus on work . . .ha ha.

The first two weeks I was in the soft cast and not allowed to put any pressure on the foot.  At appx 2 weeks the cast was taken off and I was fitted for Das Boot.  My toe was pointed down (plantar flexion) and I was instructed to click the boot up one level each 5-7 days as the tendon stretched.  At 3.5 weeks I was able to move the boot to a “Flat” position and begin to put a little weight on it.  A few days later (where I am now) I am able to walk with one crutch around the apartment, but whenever I go out I still am on two crutches.

GOAL:  Walking w/out crutches but in the boot by 6 weeks.

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  1. I would suggest that when you go out, change the angle of the boot to a more “toes pointing down” position. This should alleviate all the pressure from your tendon, allowing you to bear as much weight as you want. After your long walks, etc, put the boot back to the tendon-stretching position. This way, you get full mobility when you need it, and still have the tendon stretching most of the time. This has worked well for me, and has allowed me to get back into “2 feet” activities such as walking, golf, and mountain biking between the 4 - 6 week marks.

  2. Thanks Peter. I have been able to hobble around this week with the boot flat prett well and I am hoping to start moving towards a shoe when the physio starts next week. Are you playing golf in two shoes, or in the boot still? Unfortunately baseball and basketball, my usual summer activities besides golf are out this year so I’m planning on spending alot of time on the course, it would be great to be able to get back out there in shoes and not this clunky boot.

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  3. I’ve been in the boot still whenever I go out. For golf, I played in the boot. Surprisingly, I got my personal best score ever the first time I went out in the boot; maybe the boot corrected my swing! I’m not much of a golfer though. I’m sure if you were really into it you’d get frustrated that your swing was off, but for me it was fine.

    What’s “DH” ing? Downhill mountain biking? If so I’d like to hear about your experiences with that as I’m getting back into that myself (in the boot).

  4. I’m still in the boot too, though I am hoping that next Wednesday my Surgeon will clear me to start doing activities and PT out of the boot. That was the plan when we last met at least.

    DH’ing is acting as the Designated Hitter for my Semi-Pro/Men’s League Baseball teams. Oddly enough, I used to Downhill Mountain Bike all the time when I was a kid growing up in the coastal hills of Central California. Nowadays, I live in the bay area and don’t ride hardly at all. Good luck to you as you ride in the boot, that’s pretty ambitious!

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