Posted by: courtneywhalen | July 20, 2012

Good news!

I appologize it has been so long without an update. I found that once I was out of the boot and into two shoes, the recovery has come along nicely and has been faster than expected! Good news, right? I was thinking today of how down I was a few months ago and how feeling “normal” felt so far off. I can say that progress has been good. Surgery was 3/7 and today I can run a 9 min mile, do agility work (ladder), jump rope, bike, etc. Most of my regular activities have resumed. My only caviat is that the endurance is not there yet. I can run at a brisk pace but I have to stop and walk every mile or so. While I can’t wait to be able to run10 plus miles again, I am happy that each day I feel like I can go a little longer. ┬áJust wanted to take a few minutes to post some good progress!!!

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