Posted by: courtneywhalen | April 5, 2012

FWB after 2 days in boot

I  was supposed to be in a cast for a month but argued with my OS and was only casted for 12 days. On Monday when he took the cast off and put me in a boot he said I should slowly transition to FWB over two weeks time and that PT any earlier would be useless. He also said to use pain as my guide. So, after two days, using pain as my guide, I am FWB. Is this normal and should I press to start PT earlier? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Hi Courtney,
I was fwb in boot at about 2 weeks after surgery, so about 4-5 days after getting boot - same deal as you, I went with pain and stability as a guide (as I was not instructed either way by anyone). I’d say if it feels good, go for it… maybe take one crutch with for any longer outings for a few days? My doc said same as yours, didn’t have me doing any pt til 6 wks… All in all this sounds like god news to me- congrats!

At four weeks I’d still try to be fairly cautious, I do believe that if your body is giving you signals that it can handle something a little early, well it probably can. I would just try to temper that enthusiasm with wisdom and care. I’m fairly aggressive because I’ve read that early weight bearing helps the tendon to normalize and develop at a quicker rate…Just learn to listen to your body’s signals, know when enough is enough and it’s time to let your body adjust to where you are or to rest. Cheers on your progress, just make sure you don’t take a step back. :)

Courtney, my doc said the same thing - about 2 weeks for FWB once out of the cast. I tried FWB early, but I was getting significant shooting pains in the bottom of my heel. So, it was about 1 1/2 weeks until I ditched the crutches for all but longer walks, or if I want to walk quickly.

If you’re feeling great for a number of days in a row of FWB, I’d think you should talk to your doc to see if you can get into PT early. Can’t hurt to ask!

Congrats on your sppedy progress, and hope it continues!

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