Posted by: courtneywhalen | April 2, 2012

Got the boot!

Well I am very pleased to say that my OS agreed and cut off my cast today and put me into the boot. I was successful in being in the cast only 12 days. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the advice. My OS agreed that my incision had healed up nicely enough to speed up their usual rehab. Originally they wanted me in a cast for a month! While this is a small achievement, just getting to the next step and seeing a day when I will be without crutches really feels great. It does not feel as good as a long run or a great workout or winning a soccer game but I will take it.


Congratulations, Courtney! Hope the rest of your rehab goes as well!

Congrat on getting out of the cast. I am another victim of the box jumps. Oh well…. Left too. So welcome and lets get on with a great recovery! Mine is interuped with my wound not closing but I am dealing with it Ok

Excellent! Getting into the boot is a huge first surgery milestone. Getting off the crutches fully, I think the second. I’m still working on the third: two shoes.

All best, and happy motoring about for the next few weeks.

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