Posted by: courtneywhalen | July 20, 2012

Did not expect this?

I just posted good news about my recovery but I have another topic I would love some help with. I am finally back to a place where I can workout with friends again and resume some normal activity. Funny thing though.  People are scared of me and my injury. I tried inviting myself back to work out with my old trainer, friends, track workout, etc. I tell everyone that I am taking it slow, paying attention to my body, have clearance from PT…..but I can see the hesitation on faces. And, they are not really inviting me back?  They don’t know much about this injury, other than it is incredibly debilitating and scary and they are afraid I am going to re injure myself with them. The downside is that I primarily workout by myself, and I think it will be this way until I am 100%. Just curious if anyone else has run into this? I expected a lot of reactions to me getting better but I did not expect fear. It makes sense to me now but it is kind of a bummer. People think I am more broken than I am. Anyone else experience this?  Right now, the thing that is motivating me is this dream I have of showing up to a workout or run and just flying past everyone else, as the “injured” girl. I know it is a way off but it is keeping me going.

Posted by: courtneywhalen | July 20, 2012

Good news!

I appologize it has been so long without an update. I found that once I was out of the boot and into two shoes, the recovery has come along nicely and has been faster than expected! Good news, right? I was thinking today of how down I was a few months ago and how feeling “normal” felt so far off. I can say that progress has been good. Surgery was 3/7 and today I can run a 9 min mile, do agility work (ladder), jump rope, bike, etc. Most of my regular activities have resumed. My only caviat is that the endurance is not there yet. I can run at a brisk pace but I have to stop and walk every mile or so. While I can’t wait to be able to run10 plus miles again, I am happy that each day I feel like I can go a little longer.  Just wanted to take a few minutes to post some good progress!!!

Posted by: courtneywhalen | April 5, 2012

FWB after 2 days in boot

I  was supposed to be in a cast for a month but argued with my OS and was only casted for 12 days. On Monday when he took the cast off and put me in a boot he said I should slowly transition to FWB over two weeks time and that PT any earlier would be useless. He also said to use pain as my guide. So, after two days, using pain as my guide, I am FWB. Is this normal and should I press to start PT earlier? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Posted by: courtneywhalen | April 2, 2012

Got the boot!

Well I am very pleased to say that my OS agreed and cut off my cast today and put me into the boot. I was successful in being in the cast only 12 days. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the advice. My OS agreed that my incision had healed up nicely enough to speed up their usual rehab. Originally they wanted me in a cast for a month! While this is a small achievement, just getting to the next step and seeing a day when I will be without crutches really feels great. It does not feel as good as a long run or a great workout or winning a soccer game but I will take it.

Posted by: courtneywhalen | March 21, 2012

Stepping down from now on - box jumps that is……

Hello everyone. I am happy to finally get my own blog going.  I ruptured my achilles tendon on March 2nd on my last 10 of 150 box jumps doing the filthy fifty workout. I was so shocked at first, I tried to tell myself that it was not that bad but the “snap” is undeniable.  I had surgery on March 7th, was in a splint for two weeks and then I went into a cast on March 20th and I get it off on Monday.  When I first did my injury, it was late on a Friday so I had to wait out the weekend.  When I saw my OS on that Monday, he booked me for surgery right away. Given how fast everything happened, it took me a while to find this site. I have been fighting with my OS to get my cast off as quickly as possible so that I can start PWB.  So glad I know this now!  Had I not found this site, my doc would have kept me on a more conservative rehab. I am surprised too because I live in a very active and progressive area so I was shocked to learn that my OS was so conservative. Good news is that he is listening to me and willing to work with me.  Hopefully casting for 12 days will not be too bad for my overall recovery. I just want to say thank you to everyone who pushes for the more aggressive rehab, otherwise I would have never known!

The hardest part has been the mental aspect of it.  I have good days and bad. I have learned that the best thing to do is to accept that the accident happened and move onto next steps.  The hardest part for me was the acceptance because I was a super jock one day, in some of the best shape of my life and then I am stuck in bed with my leg up the next minute trying to pass the time and figure out work for the next two months.  

Anyway, just wanted to start my blog and say thanks. This site and all the members have already been a HUGE help for me. It is so true, other people just don’t know what we are going through. I am three weeks post surgery and still have a long road ahead of me but happy to be getting this cast off soon!