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Day 1 in PT

Posted by corey on June 19, 2012

Well I learned a few things today. My ATR was 4 cm. above the heel and my ROM is 55degrees plantar and 5degrees dorsi flexion.

After going through all the ROM tests for hip knee and all the other things, we started on the bike. I did 5 mins on a recumbant bike with minimal tension. Would have liked to have just a bit more tension, as i found myself going to fast. It was difficult to go slow and work on moving the ankle into plantar flexion at the bottom of the stroke. Once my brain realized we were not in spin class all was good. After the bike we moved to some theraband exercises then before I knew it I had been there 1.5hrs and I was done.

I will be going 3 days a week. There was lots of swelling in the ankle and a little bit of pain on the rupture site after the session.(mostly when I curled my toes) The pain only lasted for 1/2 hour or so  and was not even that bad maybe a 3 on a scale of 10. Everything feels awesome tonight,ankle feels great not so tight. Now time for some ice for the swelling.

2 Responses to “Day 1 in PT”

  1. kimjax Says:

    Corey - what theraband exercises are you doing? My PT lets me do the PF ones - but not the others because of my limited Dorsiflexion. (same as yours)

  2. corey Says:

    Hi Kim,
    The theraband exercises they have me doing are Plantar flexion(toes to floor),Big toe to the center of the body line,Big toe away from the body centerline and last session we added dorsiflexion with the band as well. I am doing three sets of 15 once a day as well as stretching, and seated calf raises at the kitchen table. when I am watching tv I roll a golf ball under my foot it sill seems really stiff. Have a good night.

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