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Cast gone !!!!!!

Posted by corey on June 15, 2012

Well the cast came off today and I was fully expecting to be fitted for a boot well… imagine my surprise when my doc says no boot and try and ween yourself off the crutches in the next 3 to 4 days. Physio starts on tues.

So there I am only one shoe  on my good foot and a short sock on my bad one crutching through the hospital, AWESOME.

It feels so strange for my right foot to touch the ground (felt great to place it on the grass without a sock on) the last time it was there it felt like it was just hanging there…Well you all know how that feels.

After being in 4 casts over 8 weeks it does not seem as unstable as I was expecting, don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting that I could go FWB in a stride but I am amazed at how stable it is standing and transfering weight  from my left leg to my right with the crutches in my left hand not touching the ground. Not sure if that feeling will stay with me when I crawl into bed tonight or not but I will deal with that later tonight.

There has been no pain in the tendon or calf or even the heel for that matter. My ankle well that is sore, not a bunch of pain it just twinges now and then.

So here is the million dollar question is it better to go bare foot when I can or wear my shoes ?

on another note how do we insert pics in the blogs ?

11 Responses to “Cast gone !!!!!!”

  1. kimjax Says:

    Awesome, Corey! Be careful But enjoy that freedom! Just click on “insert media” and you’ll be able to insert picture!

  2. corey Says:

    thanks Kim. ya for sure baby steps

  3. bunk Says:

    congrats. I get my cast off at 7 weeks next week. Do most people find stationary FWB (like in the shower for instance) easy? I know Im going to be told to be PWB when I get the boot, but arent those protocols based on walking and not standing still?

  4. onhiatus Says:

    Corey- that’s awesome… congratulations!!!!!

  5. johnsfbay Says:

    Corey - nice feeling to get out of the cast isn’t it :) Things only get better from here!

    If you don’t have any scary things around the house like dogs/kids that like to run around you, or other tripping hazards, then I preferred walking barefoot around the house versus using shoes or a boot. Just be sure to walk slowly enough at first so that you walk without a limp.

    So they didn’t give you a boot for walking around outside? I’m sure glad I had one for the first several weeks after I became FWB - especially on all of those unstable surfaces out there. You probably want to wear some good shoes that provide a lot of ankle support for the next several weeks to be safe.

    Good luck with the rehab and recovery!


  6. normofthenorth Says:

    Bunk, “stationary FWB” puts 50% of your FWB weight on each leg/foot, if you’re standing perfectly straight and balanced. With a little shifting around (like trying to wash your uninjured leg and foot), it could get closer to 100% FWB weight on your injured leg and foot. Avoiding both accidental overloads and slips are the two best reasons to sit and kneel in the shower, IMHO.

    Corey, it sounds as if you may have skipped the sensitive-heel-and-sole stage, which kept many of us from loving the barefoot thing for a while. If so, then it’s just a question of protecting your ankle against reinjury while you’re walking around, as JohnSFBay said above. If not, then something soft and cushy like Crocs will feel much more comfy.

    Either way, don’t forget that you’re still very vulnerable, and do Watch Your Step!

  7. corey Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I’m still sitting in the shower it seems quite possibly the place where a huge slip could occur.I have two kids and three labs so I need to pick my routes wisely… lego hurts the foot. The swelling in my foot was so bad on fri. that I couldn’t jam it into my vans with no lace in it but last night I was able to work it in wiggling my toes and and pushing the foot down. My heel is somewhat tender the feeling is more uncomforable than sore though.
    I’m having a hard time mentally… seems like the brain won’t let the foot touch the floor. When I’m seated and putting the shoe on my good foot it takes a good 3 or 4 attempts before I am able to leave my bad foot on the floor for stability. In my mind I know this move does not hurt but I can’t make myself just put the foot on the floor. Seems weird.

  8. starshep Says:

    The mental things take almost as much time to control as the physical things. You just got to keep working at it.

  9. corey Says:

    Thanks Shep. I find that if i’m not really thinking about it my injured foot will be in a position that I would be uncomfortable placing it in,especially when I am sitting with it on the floor.

  10. andrew1971 Says:

    Firstly, congrats on the achievement so far, my cast (I am a non surgical repair) is into it’s 3rd week and I am starting to get frustrated, overly so at times at the incomnvenience.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery man.

  11. corey Says:

    Thanks Andrew,
    Ya frustration is a nasty battle but it does get better even when you are still in the cast. I found that when my cast came off it is like starting from scratch all over again. Except now i am moving slower, for now. Baby steps now strides later. Take care.

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