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So close

Posted by corey on June 7, 2012

eight more days. Good- bye cast,hello withered wasted leg. I don’t know if I will be able to look it directly in the eye. As each two week cast comes off the calf  just looks more and more pathetic. Good thing I enjoy calf raises. Can’t wait for that first time at physio when the pain I know will be present moves from the tendon to a burn in the calf. I hate pain and so far this adventure has had very little. Soon I know that will change, but at least it will be pain with a purpose… I’m sorry leg.

Do any of you  right leggers drive for a living ? Just wondering  what changes you have made, seat position etc. I drive a haul truck in a copper mine and spend 12hrs with my right foot on the throttle. Hopefully my ROM and strength will return to the point where I will be able to do this again without to much discomfort.

Over the last 23 days I have actually caught myself wishing it had been the left tendon instead. It was always the one that was a little stiffer after a good work out and not to mention it would be a lot easier to drive…sick

Have a great night.

5 Responses to “So close”

  1. kimjax Says:

    I hear you, Corey! I drive all day - and while not for $, my 6 kiddos depend on me. (at least they did) I feel pitiful asking all the neighbors and family to get them or me to appointments (3 special needs kids) and it drives me nuts not to be able to just drive myself. Yesterday my mother drove through 3′ deep water in a flooded area in MY car - I prayed the entire time and thankfully it didn’t stall out and seems to be ok…I have great sympathy for you since you need to get back in the seat quickly - hoping you can find a way to make that happen. We need a slimline boot to support the let and drive early!

  2. normofthenorth Says:

    My right AT went first, ~11 yrs ago. Surgery left it tighter-shorter than before, otherwise pretty much like new. But for a long time it didn’t love long drives. Kind of crampy, IIRC. Hope you skip that part!

  3. Michael Says:

    I have been driving and I’m fortunate to have a truck that has enough space between gas and break peddles. The hardest part isI need to use my entire leg to press the peddle. My hip flexors hurt after about ten or fifteen minutes. I did find that they make temporary hand controls tha are clamped onto the peddles. Not cheep but they might help.

    As for the cast coming off… You will want to see it and more than see it you will want to scratch and scratch and scratch. I went straight home climbed in the shower and went to town on my leg with a 60 grit foam sanding block. It was pure bliss.

  4. starshep Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but in my case, there has been very little in terms of pain during my PT sessions. There has been some muscle burn as I’ve gotten into the higher weights on the machines but outside of that, any pain in your ankle or tendon is not a good thing. My therapist is constantly asking me if there is any pain while I am doing exercises, especially the balance exercises.

    Also, do look at your calf, take measurements of it and even pictures once you get out of your cast. That way you will be able to tell how significant the swelling, if any, is and take steps to reduce it like a compression sock.

    I just started driving again a few weeks ago. I found that leading with my big toe (by curling it up in my shoe) to push the gas pedal down seems to work well. I have also decided to use my left foot for the brake pedal. Those two things seem to really take away a lot of stress on my AT.

  5. corey Says:

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I kind of figured the road back to work was not going to be easy or very short. I shall work hard and triumph over this hurdle.

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