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9 months on

December 17, 2010 · 1 Comment

Progress report from sunny New Zealand (OK today it is raining, but it is much needed rain!). Ruptured achilles late Feb (see previous posts for full report). No surgery (thanks norm for all your words of wisdom) Four weeks cast, four weeks moon boot…all went really well. Started physio, and physio said ‘I don’t want to see you again’ in Sept. Played tennis with my 12 year old on hols in Australia in October, then very gingerly back to club tennis. Lots of walking, with good posture, pilates classes - highly recommended for ATR prevention (though I have yet to achieve that six pack!). Have signed up for tennis interclub post Christmas. I am still a little stiff first thing in the morning and my left ankle is slightly thicker, but hey, am a bit old for ankle jewelry and it’s a small price to pay.

So life after ATR is good, and I don’t seem to have any lasting effects. Just need to remember how to hit those top spin forehands now…..

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Trapped in a purple plaster

February 24, 2010 · 16 Comments

Still getting the hang of this blogging thing! Suppose I’ll get lots of time to practice now though

Hello from sunny New Zealand!

So, my story is I ruptured my achilles on Monday playing tennis, was taken to Energency Dept at hospital and here I am in a very attractive purple cast for the next two weeks. Surgery option just not a go-er at my hospital it seems. Had a rough couple of days getting used to crutches and have very sore pecs and shoulder muscles! Bet I will have impressive upper body by the time all this finishes.

Milestones in the first three days - got a stool for my shower yesterday and husband watched anxiously while I had my first shower and hair wash (he was away overseas when it happened and kids are away on school camp) Such luxury! Also had my first trip outside last night; when we went out to local Indian restaurant. The first hour very enjoyable but after that my leg started to swell, so we bailed before coffee.

All good this morning though….and the internet is def keeping me sane - great site Dennis - nice to share suffering with others, and really interesting to read the diff treatment protocols. I will have lots of q’s to ask at next appointment.

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