Start of weeks 4-6 (Non-Op)

I went for my 4 week check-up today and was a bit disappointed.  I was in a splint / cast for the first two weeks NWB on crutches. Start of week three I was placed in Air Cast with crutches and told NWB.  After a 5 days I was PWB. Few more days FWB with [...]

Week 4 (Non-op)

I am mid way through week 4. My next appt. is 4 days off.  I am now in the Air Cast and was advised to have no weight bearing and use crutches.  Upon reading the non-op blog (Mostly Norm’s)  I have gone to NWB, to PWB, to a some FWB.  My ATR feels better when [...]

putting weight w/ Aircast week 3-4 non-op

I have been in the aircast with a heal wedge. I am supposed to PWB, but have found myself a few times putting weight on the cast.  When I do my calf feels good.  I try NOT to put weight on it but do so every now and then. My quick question is, “Am I [...]

Start of week 3 (Non-Surgical)

I had my two week check-up from my date of ATR.  I am on the non-surgical protocall.  I was removed from the splint cast and placed into the ‘Air Cast’ with two heal lifts.  I am allowed to put slight weight on the Air Cast (PWB) but still need to use crutches.
I am so happy [...]