Start of weeks 4-6 (Non-Op)

I went for my 4 week check-up today and was a bit disappointed.  I was in a splint / cast for the first two weeks NWB on crutches. Start of week three I was placed in Air Cast with crutches and told NWB.  After a 5 days I was PWB. Few more days FWB with the aid of a cane.  Then many time without cane.  All with no pain or discomfort.  I also removed the aircast for showers and sleeping.  I was aided in taking these steps by the many posts I read here that I was not doing my ATR harm.

At today’s exam I was informed all was going well and my Orthopedic Surgeon wanted me to strictly adhere to the Canadian protocol for weeks 4-6.  Namely remain in the Air Cast boot, keep the heel pad in, use crutches and keep the boot on at all times even sleeping.   I told my doctor (who by the way is the head of foot and ankle div of major teaching hospital here in Boston as well as asst. professor at Harvard Medical School so he is ‘UP” on all these studies) that I had progressed beyond the 2-4 week pace of the study (E.g. FWB, cane, no boot for sleeping and showers).  He acknowledged my progress but wanted to adhere to the exact protocol for the 4-6 week period, PWB, crutches, keeping the boot on at all times.   As I said I was some what disappointed. I thought I would at the vey least have the heel pad removed and stay in the boot.  

My question is this.  I know that I will still use a cane, stay FWB (as this doesn’t hurt at all) and remove the boot for sleeping and showering but is there something that I can do during the two week period before my next appointment ?  I do sit with my leg raised and the boot off and do some ‘alphabet tracing’ with my toes and move my foot around.   I have not tried to walk sans boot yet, though I can stand with boot of cane, equal weight on both feet with no discomfort.    Having said all that is there something I might do to aid in my recovery that might be ‘outside’ the protocol for this 4-6 period.  Thanks

Week 4 (Non-op)

I am mid way through week 4. My next appt. is 4 days off.  I am now in the Air Cast and was advised to have no weight bearing and use crutches.  Upon reading the non-op blog (Mostly Norm’s)  I have gone to NWB, to PWB, to a some FWB.  My ATR feels better when I am PWB - FWB.   My only complaint is my heal ‘feels’ like it is being chaffed from the air cast, but upon inspection all is fine. I assume this is okay and doing no damage.      I am also now sleeping with the air cast, all is fine.  I have not even attempted to take one step without the boot.  I don’t want to jeperdise my recovery.   Having said all the above.  At my appoinment this week, I am assuming that I will have the ‘heal lift’ taken out of the air cast and told to use the cast without the heal insert for the next two weeks.  Does anyone think that because I am now basicaly FWB without crutchs that I will have something other than the air cast ?

putting weight w/ Aircast week 3-4 non-op

I have been in the aircast with a heal wedge. I am supposed to PWB, but have found myself a few times putting weight on the cast.  When I do my calf feels good.  I try NOT to put weight on it but do so every now and then. My quick question is, “Am I doing harm to my recovery by doing this ?

Start of week 3 (Non-Surgical)

I had my two week check-up from my date of ATR.  I am on the non-surgical protocall.  I was removed from the splint cast and placed into the ‘Air Cast’ with two heal lifts.  I am allowed to put slight weight on the Air Cast (PWB) but still need to use crutches.

I am so happy I found this site.  Everything I have read has occurred.  From the physical to mental.  I was very down in the first few days of the ATR.  Not really being able to do anything.  But as I read in other posts I was prepared for the next step. The two week move to the air cast is an example of that.

My question here is. I would like at some point take of this Air Cast for sleeping. I understand the fear of moving an un-casted Achilles during sleep.  At what point will taking off the air cast at night be safe and practical ?

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New ATR (11/222/11) going non-surgical Route

First post for me, but I have read many of the posting and have received some great information. I slipped off the bottom two rungs of an extension ladder on 11/22/11. Went to the hospital the next day and was informed that I had an ATR. I was informed by the Othop MD of the two school’s of thought on treatment. He thought the non-surgical treatment would be best for me. I am 64 year old retiree and he thought the pros out weighed the cons on the non-surgical. I am now in a splint type cast. heavly wrapped. I go back in two weeks. My concern at this point after reading other posts and comments is that this splint type cast does not have my toes pointed down at a big angle. Is this an issue ? Also, should I be looking forward to a WB type boot at my next apppoinment. Any information is welcomed.