FWB @ 5 weeks Post-Op

I have noticed a lot of people don’t follow up once they are able to ditch the crutches and get the cast(s) off. I got my last cast off a week ago (4 1/2 weeks post-op), and I couldn’t be happier! I was so excited because I thought the doc was going to put me in a cast for another couple weeks. The doc gave me a boot to wear for the next few weeks. He told me to feel myself out to determine when I could ditch the crutches.

When they took the cast off, it was pretty disgusting. I had a lot of dry skin and my toes were nasty, so I went to get a pedicure right away. I had suture tape on where they had cut my leg open, and they told me to just let it fall off naturally. After my first shower (standing up!), the tape pieces were pretty much hanging from my leg with the scabs attached, so they didn’t stay on very long.

The first couple days in a boot, I had to use the crutches because I couldn’t put FWB on my foot. It wasn’t strong enough and it hurt. The third day after the cast came off I was able to walk half day without the crutches, and the 4th day, I was able to walk all day. I walk barefooted around my house with a huge limp, but I am being very careful because I don’t want to have a bad fall and re-rupture my AT. I have a lot of swelling during the day, but I elevate my foot when I am sleeping at night, and the swelling is down in the morning.

I am seeing a physical therapist once a week where we work on getting my flexibility in my foot back. It is super tight, and I still can’t get my foot into a 90 degree angle. The doctor had to shorten my AT quite a bit because the ends were so damaged and I didn’t have surgery until a few weeks after injuring it.  I have a lot of tightness on the top of my foot around my ankle (actually more than in the AT). I have been doing the alphabet and circular motions with my foot trying to loosen it up. I do not push too hard walking or exercises because I don’t want to hurt it again. I didn’t realize how much work it is going to be to get back to normal.

I see the physical therapist again tomorrow, and I think I will try taking up swimming after talking to him. I am excited that I will be able to exercise again. I need to get my toneness back in my body, so I can wear my summer clothes.

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