Six weeks today. It’s a miracle!

I can walk!!!!! It is amazing in how such a short period of time I went from crutches with pwb to two shoes and walking.  On Tuesday, November 30 I visited my pt with crutches still under arms and some pwb with one lift still in boot.  Not feeling very optimistic at all of walking anytime soon but somewhat ok with that since I do not want a re-rupture to occur.  It was a day that I got the head pt.  He checked my chart to see where I was at with my therapy and said you are almost at six weeks, you should be full weight bearing with no lifts.  I told him that I don’t think that I have been putting 50% weight on it because it still feels way too tight and I guess I was afraid.  My therapy that day included significant stretching and massaging to the tendon which was very scary but didn’t include much pain to my surprise.  Seriously sweaty palms and a little discomfort is all.  He then had me put on my boot and practice walking with fwb.  The first step down was a bit painful but after that I was ok.  Practiced my walking that night with one crutch and fwb.  I was very happy with my progress.

The next day was my appt. with my surgeon to check my progress.  I was anxious to find out if I was progressing as expected and ask him a few questions.  I went from the high of my fwb yesterday to a low when he said that I should be walking with no crutches and taking the boot off sometimes at home and walking around without it in two shoes.  I thought he was crazy.  He said that I didn’t have to worry about a re-rupture that he got a good fix and I should be walking.  He actually had me step on the floor with no shoe or boot and wanted be to take a step.  It wasn’t happening.  I told him “NO” because it was so tight that I couldn’t and that it was going to snap if I did.  He didn’t push me, thank God, but he did say that the more I used it out of the boot the better it will get.  He told me again about that nerve or the right side of my foot is causing that pain and numbness.  Some what improved I might add.  I left the appt. feeling very disappointed and discouraged.  I felt like I wasn’t were he wanted me to be and discouraged that I didn’t think that I was even close to that progress.  I came home that night and massaged it some more and did my rom exercises and tried to take a step.  I was moving but I don’t really believe you can call it a step and still the tightness in the tendon felt like something had to be wrong and it could just snap.  My husband who was at my appt. and now watching me try to walk around the family room ask me what I was doing and I told him trying to walk because that is what the Dr. wants.  He told me to put my boot back on because I was making him nervous.  He was nervous, he should have been me.  He told me to just take my time and go at my own pace that it will come.  I almost cried and said that if this thing stretches it is going to be a miracle.

Well two days later a miracle has occurred.  Went to pt this morning in hopes to just accomplish taking out my last lift today because I did feel I was ready for that but instead I started my workout by biking for 10 minutes with two shoes on and then had to move to the next exercise to stretch the tendon standing up.  It felt really good on the bike.  I questioned how I would get to the place where my pt wanted me to stand and stretch the tendon without my crutches or even the boot on.  Thought I would have to hop and my pt offered me his shoulder but I said no thank you I think I will try to walk over.  I actually did it.  Snails pace, of course, but I did it.  I did those stretches standing and then walked over to the table to sit for my rom exercises.  I told my head pt about my visit with my doctor and how he wanted me to take a step and I wouldn’t and couldn’t, but I did today.  He was as extemely happy with my progress as I was.  He did some more (sweaty palm) stretching on my tendon and I did some more stretches standing near the table.  Foot was feeling good.  He had me do some leg pushes on a machine and then I just walked around the pt room in disbelief.  It felt soooo good to be in my own shoes walking around with no pain at all.  I wanted to just walk right out of there and leave my boot behind but of course I knew that it would be too soon to be totally free of the boot so I put it back on and walked out with a smile on my face. :-)))))  Called my husband when I got home and told him he had to come home, of course I scared him, but quickly told him why.  It’s a miracle!  Must be this time of year.  I got my Christmas gift.  Hope you all get yours.  I pray my progress only continues so I can leave the boot at home over Christmas on our vacation to Florida and hopefully never need this thing again.


  1. jla2010 Said,

    December 3, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

    Hi connie, Great news. Getting rid of the crutches and walking is a huge milestone in ATR recovery. It’s certainly very exciting. Now that you’re in the boot and FWB, it’s really important to raise your good foot so that you have proper hip alignment. This minimizes the potential for temporary (or long term) back, hip or knee problems caused by incorrect alignment. And you will be able to walk quickly and comfortably in the boot. I had a 3/4″ sole put on the bottom of an old running shoe but if you look around the site, you’ll see other solutions. Check out normofthenorth’s solution and rsn’s solution. It doesn’t matter how you achieve proper hip alignment, just make sure you do it. :-)

  2. chubz Said,

    December 6, 2010 @ 7:55 am

    Hi I also just had an operation on my achillies tendon and after a week of surgery my specialist put me into a boot. I started walking in the boot straight away and was so amazed that I could do that. I’m now 2 weeks post op and walking freely with the boot on. I’m hoping to get back into golf after my 6 weeks appointment with the specialist, but I don’t like my chances. If there is any specialists out there can tell me if I can play golf in my boot without further damage that would be great. This is a frustrating injury when you can not do anything to speed up the recovery.

  3. icky Said,

    December 6, 2010 @ 11:10 am

    Wow! That’s so inspirational!!!
    At 6 weeks my Doctor is planning on taking off my cast!!!! GAH!!!
    Even then the plan is to take me out of ballerina position and move me a little closer to natural and RE-Cast me for a little while…
    Congratulations! Be careful, don’t go too fast and hurt yourself…
    Keep up the good work!!! :)

  4. mikej Said,

    December 6, 2010 @ 11:13 am

    I am not a specialist but I remember my doc saying it would be ok as long as I’m in the boot. I hit golf balls regularly at about five weeks post surgery with the boot on when I was going stir crazy. Actually helped my swing:) I was out walking at about seven weeks and played my first round at eight. From my experience, the more early weightbearing and “safe mobile activity” the better. I was full weightbearing 8 days after surgery in boot.

  5. icky Said,

    December 6, 2010 @ 11:36 am

    From what I’m learning, you guys in Europe are way more progressive with your treatments than we are in the US.

  6. connie Said,

    December 7, 2010 @ 9:29 am

    Thanks for the info about raising my other foot for proper alignment. I took your advice and surprisingly found a pair of those new fitness shoes that seem to do the trick. Discounted too, couldn’t pass them up since I hope to not be needing them for long. Decided yesterday that the boot was really bothering my aggravated nerve on the right side of my foot, so I decided to try two shoes for the day. Didn’t do too bad. It felt so good to be free of the boot and crutches. I will wear the boot out but for now two shoes at home is what the doctor wanted me to be doing anyway. Thought he was nuts, but I was determined to be where he wanted me too be. I hope he is right. lol

  7. connie Said,

    December 7, 2010 @ 9:35 am

    Wow! walking in the boot only a week after surgery. That is amazing! Did you have any pain? I thought my doctor has aggressive therapy but your Doc surpasses mine by a lot. Good luck getting back to your golf game.

  8. connie Said,

    December 7, 2010 @ 9:47 am

    Hi, Sorry to hear you have to be casted for so long. Did you have surgery? I guess a lot depends on where your break is and who your Doctor is. Of course, as we have read on this site there are a lot of different methods of treatment for this injury along with individual results to them all. It is hard to know what to expect with the treatment process and recovery time. I have decided to trust my doctor, since he too had this surgery five years ago and is back to playing soccer and to just trust my body. I hope neither let me down. lol Good luck with your recovery.

  9. chubz Said,

    December 9, 2010 @ 8:11 am

    Hi i didn’t have any pain and been walking in boot since..even went out and did some chipping practice..really happy but cant wait for my 6 weeks appointment. You keep up the good work too.

  10. glen Said,

    February 23, 2011 @ 12:33 am

    LOL Connie. It’s been 2.5 years since my Achilles rupture. Reading your post brings it all back. =)

    I had a complete rupture of my left achilles tendon. Yes the recovery seems like it takes forever. Looking back now it doesn’t seem like it took long at all.

    Happy to report my achilles is very strong. I walk, and jog but am very careful about jumping etc.

    Good luck


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