Posted by: colonel1865 | January 8, 2010

Stepped into 2010 with 2 shoes

I was determined to leave all that bad ju-ju in 2009, so at the stroke of Midnight I removed my boot for the last time and soundly stepped into the new year with 2 shoes on.  Actually iId been doing a little “testing” before that…shuffling around the house barefoot and things seemed to be OK.  I had pretty intense heel pain for about the first week, but it just magically disappeared the other day so that doesn’t last too long if you begin to really exercise that foot.   I’m not winning any races, but if feels amazing to be able to walk around without that giant boot on your leg.  Saw the Doc yesterday and he’s amazed at how well I’ve recovered in just 11 weeks and is reminding me that I can’t fight biology. (It takes 12 weeks for the tendon to being to heel completely apparently).  But for now I’m taking this as good fortune and a good sign for a much improved New Year.


Now THAT’S a Happy New Year!

Good Show.

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