Posted by: colonel1865 | December 9, 2009

Good Bye Crutches…Watch that First Step!

I’m calling it a pre-Christmas miracle.  Went for my 8 week check up today and the doc cleared me to ditch the crutches and regain my life back.  Oh my God…What a feeling!  I’ve been pretty careful over the last 7 weeks since surgery, resting elevating, and doing very little PWB…so I was completely floored today when he said I could walk again in the boot.  No PT needed as he said I’ve regained full range of motion so Icouldn’t be happier.  Those first steps though, hysterical.  He made me try a couple out in the exam room and I swear I damn near went down like a sack of taters.  But it was exhilaratingto take a few more and remember what it is like to walk again on 2 feet unassisted.  Tonight I’m pretty stiff and sore from the pressure I’ve put on it since 3 p.m. so I think I’ll add a little heat and maybe have a drink or two to celebrate my re-newed Independence.  Will update in a few days and let you know how things feel.  For anyone out there who’s just had a rupture,… yes the last 7 weeks have been torture, but I’m SHOCKED at how quickly you can get back literally on your feet.  Keep good spirits and heal quickly.


Yes, I know that feeling, its great walking unaided again. If you have flat surfaces its better, our wood floors have all these edges at the door which are raised and rounded.
What I wondered though - how much to do each day, do you one day just ditch the aids except for stairs/outside/drunk! Or do you do a little more walking each day? And walking on heel or on toes? Advice from full FBW needed!

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