Posted by: colonel1865 | November 19, 2009

Ahhhh…Finally the boot

Well I went to see my Doc last Friday and thankfully he Ok’d me for the CAM walker. I never imagined how something so trivial could feel like such a monumental step but it was. Cast came off and there’s definitely a lot of atrophy of the left calf muscle, but the good news is the incision has healed great…and he got me to 90 degrees (which was a LOT more painful that i imagined but i just gritted my teeth and did it because i wanted the cast off so badly). Still non weight bearing, and he told me that he really wants me to sleep with it on. Man is that a pain…i usually make it until about 3-4am before i rip it off. The first 2 nights I had this extremely painful feeling all thru my foot…like needles and pins sticking in my foot from the ankle down….but then it just went away. Weird. Next visit is 3 weeks out and I hope to start PWB and PT then.


hey man i am 4 weeks post op and in the boot.

at night i have a lot of swelling do u experience the same

Hey, Im 3.5 weeks into the boot and have been sleeping with it on, I know the pain you were talking about. Very sharp pins n needles burning pain, its gone away for me too for some reason!

Maybe Ive just got used to it Im not sure but its more comfortable now, well as comfortable as you can be with a whopping breat boot on your foot!

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