Posted by: colonel1865 | November 3, 2009

2 Weeks Post Op

2 Weeks in the books.  Off the painkillers almost completely.  For the most part the pain subsided completely about 5 days after surgery.  I’ve been doing my best to follow the rest and elevation as much as possible…but I’m back to work now so you do the best you can.  Had my follow up appointment about a week ago and they put me in the hard cast and got me out of the splint.  Was amazing though once i finally got a chance to see the incision and feel how tight i was after surgery.  I tried pulling my foot up as much as i could and barely got past the 45 degree angle.  Cool looking scar though…no stitches on the outside…just glue and tape. Will post i pic if i can. Going back in another week to get a new hard cast put on, and hopefully make more progress towards a boot.  The knee scooter is getting me around nicely, and is a fantastic conversation starter.  Cant recommend that thing enough.  Will post again in another 2 weeks


Congratulations on your first step. I get my splint off tomorrow and stitches out and I’m hoping to move right into a boot (as indicated by my surgeon). The knee scooter sounds like a great tool…unfortunately we live in a tri-level house so it wouldn’t do me a lot of good.

Deanne (DREAMS)

Congrats Colonel! We are on the same path! I will be getting my stitches removed next wednesday so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m constantly paranoid every single day that my wound is infected….or will get infected! Hoping to be weight bearing by Thanksgiving!

I love my knee scooter. Beats using a walker any day. I’m 4 1/2 weeks post-op and just got the stitches out near the heel this past Tuesday. The took the stitches out in the upper leg two weeks after surgery, but I had some complications a week after, so they left the heel stitches in. Good to see your on a good path to recovery. I wonder if our doctors would mind if we started to have knee scooter races?

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