Posted by: colonel1865 | January 8, 2010

Stepped into 2010 with 2 shoes

I was determined to leave all that bad ju-ju in 2009, so at the stroke of Midnight I removed my boot for the last time and soundly stepped into the new year with 2 shoes on.  Actually iId been doing a little “testing” before that…shuffling around the house barefoot and things seemed to be OK.  I had pretty intense heel pain for about the first week, but it just magically disappeared the other day so that doesn’t last too long if you begin to really exercise that foot.   I’m not winning any races, but if feels amazing to be able to walk around without that giant boot on your leg.  Saw the Doc yesterday and he’s amazed at how well I’ve recovered in just 11 weeks and is reminding me that I can’t fight biology. (It takes 12 weeks for the tendon to being to heel completely apparently).  But for now I’m taking this as good fortune and a good sign for a much improved New Year.

Posted by: colonel1865 | December 9, 2009

Good Bye Crutches…Watch that First Step!

I’m calling it a pre-Christmas miracle.  Went for my 8 week check up today and the doc cleared me to ditch the crutches and regain my life back.  Oh my God…What a feeling!  I’ve been pretty careful over the last 7 weeks since surgery, resting elevating, and doing very little PWB…so I was completely floored today when he said I could walk again in the boot.  No PT needed as he said I’ve regained full range of motion so Icouldn’t be happier.  Those first steps though, hysterical.  He made me try a couple out in the exam room and I swear I damn near went down like a sack of taters.  But it was exhilaratingto take a few more and remember what it is like to walk again on 2 feet unassisted.  Tonight I’m pretty stiff and sore from the pressure I’ve put on it since 3 p.m. so I think I’ll add a little heat and maybe have a drink or two to celebrate my re-newed Independence.  Will update in a few days and let you know how things feel.  For anyone out there who’s just had a rupture,… yes the last 7 weeks have been torture, but I’m SHOCKED at how quickly you can get back literally on your feet.  Keep good spirits and heal quickly.

Posted by: colonel1865 | November 19, 2009

Ahhhh…Finally the boot

Well I went to see my Doc last Friday and thankfully he Ok’d me for the CAM walker. I never imagined how something so trivial could feel like such a monumental step but it was. Cast came off and there’s definitely a lot of atrophy of the left calf muscle, but the good news is the incision has healed great…and he got me to 90 degrees (which was a LOT more painful that i imagined but i just gritted my teeth and did it because i wanted the cast off so badly). Still non weight bearing, and he told me that he really wants me to sleep with it on. Man is that a pain…i usually make it until about 3-4am before i rip it off. The first 2 nights I had this extremely painful feeling all thru my foot…like needles and pins sticking in my foot from the ankle down….but then it just went away. Weird. Next visit is 3 weeks out and I hope to start PWB and PT then.

Posted by: colonel1865 | November 3, 2009

2 Weeks Post Op

2 Weeks in the books.  Off the painkillers almost completely.  For the most part the pain subsided completely about 5 days after surgery.  I’ve been doing my best to follow the rest and elevation as much as possible…but I’m back to work now so you do the best you can.  Had my follow up appointment about a week ago and they put me in the hard cast and got me out of the splint.  Was amazing though once i finally got a chance to see the incision and feel how tight i was after surgery.  I tried pulling my foot up as much as i could and barely got past the 45 degree angle.  Cool looking scar though…no stitches on the outside…just glue and tape. Will post i pic if i can. Going back in another week to get a new hard cast put on, and hopefully make more progress towards a boot.  The knee scooter is getting me around nicely, and is a fantastic conversation starter.  Cant recommend that thing enough.  Will post again in another 2 weeks

Posted by: colonel1865 | October 25, 2009

This Sucks!

I’m beginning to hate this damn couch.  Here I am…once again….plopped onto this leather covered monster, but butt growing numb and my foot throbbing once again.    This is going to be a long rant as it’s my first attempt at a blog.  Thank God for football season, and wireless Internet connections otherwise I might possibly go mad.  There have been a lot of “firsts” over the last 2 weeks.  My first “real” injury, first hostpial visit, surgery, crutches experience, and now my first blog.  I reptured my achilles almost 2 weeks ago now, and all i can tell you for certain is that this injury sucks!  That’s been backed up by the ER doc that saw me, my D.O. surgeon, my general practicioner, and just about everyone else that I’ve met since this happened.  Funny how everyone makes the same face after they’ve asked you what happened…like they can “feel your pain” in some Clintonesque fashion. Ha Ha.   So I’m 5 days post op, and the damn thing still pulses in pain.  It’s not the pain that gets at me though….I can take that (with the help of some percocets at times)…no for me it’s the immobility.  Ever tried to go to the kitchen and bring back a drink while on crutches?  It’s almost impossible…(thank god beer has bottlecaps).  So I thought I’d be smarter than the average bear…and I’d rent a knee walker.  (if you don’t know what they are…Google them…they’re actually GREAT for this injury and they bring you 10 times the independence that crutches do)  So I get this contraption, (which my wife and everyone else seems to find hysterical) and it’s just as advertised…helps me get around…I can roll around the house without the burning sensation in my foot that the crutches bring.  PLUS I can go to the kitchen and bring back drinks and snacks to the couch…great right!   However, while you may be under the illusion you have control back immediately…trust me you don’t.  All it takes is one little piece of mulch in the street …and boom there you go…falling off your “old man” scooter in the middle of the driveway, and what do you do for balance when that happens?   Yeah you think you can put your lame foot down for support.  OUCH!…idiot.    So I learned a very hard lesson that I have to slow down and let this recovery have the time it’s going to require. BUT I’ll say that the pain has definatly subsided for the most part and I feel like I’m turning that first corner to my LONG recovery.