Jun 19 2013

5 Weeks and beginning FWB

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I went to the Ortho on Monday to have my cast removed and begin boot training.  I was very surprised he said I could begin full weight bearing.  I was expecting a recommendation of 2 weeks of ROM work and then begin PWB.  So following doctors orders I have slowly in the past two days worked my way to putting my full weight on the injured foot, in my boot of course.  Though all the while I worry if I am damaging the tendon and concerned if I am moving ahead too fast.  It is liberating to be able to carry a drink across the room without assistance or clinching the crutch between my arm and my body while carrying a glass of water.

I also had my first PT on Monday.  We went over light stretching and range of motion exercises.  I hope everyone is recovering well.

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Jun 03 2013

New ATR Club Member

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Hi All - I am a new member of the team.  I ruptured my Achilles on Cinco de Mayo and no….  beer was not involved.  I was pushing a jet ski trailer into its parked position with quite a bit of force and felt a pop.  I immediately knew what happened and urgent care was able to quickly confirm.  There goes the summer as planned.

Disappointingly, surgery was not scheduled until 10 DAYS after the injury.  Surgery wasn’t too big of a deal as it was not my first rodeo (micro fracture surgery 6 years ago).  The pain blocker did a phenomenal job.  Post op I took 1 Percocet every 4 hours for the first 4 days and then switched to Ibuprofen on day 5.  I felt very little pain through this initial process (I assume PT will bring on the pain).  I did feel a headache and as if I had some slight withdrawal symptoms after I stopped the meds.

I am now 2 weeks and 5 days post op.   I was fitted for my full cast after two weeks replacing a splint cast i received after surgery.  It has been difficult keeping still with my leg elevated but that is where it feels best.  I have been somewhat mobile and have even made it to work a couple of times (desk job).  The unfortunate result from dangling my leg while crutching from place to place is a purple swollen foot.  Fortunately it goes back to normal after elevating the leg for a while.  I have read many bloggers state that this can be normal.  My Ortho told me if elevation doesn’t relieve the swelling or pain then call.  I am going with that theory since I have also experienced some calf muscle soreness while crutching that subsides after the leg is elevated again. 

I look forward to posting to the blog in the weeks/months to come so I can keep a record and share the experience.  I will be on vacation next week in Disney World.  Great timing.  I have rented a scooter that will be waiting for me at the hotel.  I feel a little guilty and a bit humbled to use this type of transportation but I don’t think crutching around the parks would be manageable.

Thank you Dennis for creating this site.

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