Running 3km

Hello fellow ATR survivors. I see I’m still the oldest ATR date here :) I thought of still keeping in touch with the ATR community. I’m two years after the ATR and I’m not happy with the workout I did in the last year, as doctor told me I can do all sort of sports and I went pretty seldom to the gym. Now I will change that, I bough a new pair of running shoes and every weekend (one day a week) I go jogging. I did it four times already :) I know it sounds a little but I hope I keep this up.

I’ve calculated I run 3km plus walking an additional 1km from home to the jogging site. I will try to go up to 4km next time and in one month to run 5km/weekly. I don’t suppose I can run any other day than Satyrday or Sunday, but it will be enough for me for this year.

It’s funny that before ATR I wasn’t running or doing much sport in the last 10 years. Now I want to tell you it’s nice to run, even with ATR. Running can’t damage the tendon. It can create knee problems if it’s too much. That’s why I choose a very straight path and surface and I don’t run daily. The tendon feels before the jog and then after when cooling down. When running everything it’s ok. I try not to full stretch or speed to my maximum speed, keeping in mind the injury.

Good luck to you all to run again!

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