Achilles Tendon Support

I don’t know if you talked about it here but I want to tell you what is the thing I used during rehab. This is called Achilles Tendon Support and it’s made by a Scandinavian company named Rehband. I bought one from my country (Romania) - here’s the link with the picture

There are a number of variations, with a hole for the heel, with a cushion to the tendon, just Google for Achilles Tendon Support, but I liked this one, it braces the whole area that is swelling after staying with your foot down and it has a pocket under the heel where you can put a rubber thing to keep your angle more than 90. This is very comfortable during rehab. I used it because it keeps the area together, making the blood flow more quickly. Without it after one normal day your knee is all swolen and painful, isn’t it? Wearing this was good, I wear it also on trainings.

But then is important to know when to not use it anymore. I used it daily from the 2-shoes time about two months, then only some times at work when I was sitting, then I didn’t wear it like after 3 months from 2-shoes (5 months after ATR).

I suppose everybody uses this, aren’t you?

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  1. codz - thanks for that review. I’ve linked to your post: Stuff to help you get around

    Can you buy this online somewhere? If so I’ll put a link to it here:

  2. Sorry I don’t know where you can buy it online. The Rehband website show this only on the medical section which is not in English (nor the like in Romanian I provided). I went to buy it myself (walking) during first month of rehab.

    I saw just now the link with useful stuff for the rehab, I see there are already a number of Achilles Tendon Support products available. In two years a lot have changed :) Then I was just looking at removable boots instead of casts nowadays probably most people use those instead of classical casts (I had one classical cast and two fiberglass casts).

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