What to expect?

September 2, 2008

So the achilles is stretching out and I can almost move around without the boot in the house without a hitch.  The achilles feels great, starting to stretch out, with no pain.  What did everyone else feel around this time?  I’m almost to week six, almost two weeks in a boot.  I discussed with my gf yesterday about how good it felt.  I just don’t know what to expect in terms of tightness or feeling when I walk.  So far, so good here. 

One Response to “What to expect?”

  1. Jesse said:

    Hi Coach,
    I saw your post. You’re at about the same post op as I am. I just completed my 5th week. I go in to see the doc on Thursday. I’m surprised you got a boot already. My docs said two weeks ago I had 3-4 more weeks in a cast. Hopefully this Thursday there will be a vast improvement. My leg feels good some occasional swelling but no pain. Well hope things progress favorably for you.


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