Ballooning Belly

August 30, 2008

So, being from the South, I love to eat.  I won’t diet too much but shy away from too many sodas and chips and candies.  What does everyone do to stay fit?  I called the doc to see if I can swim but i’ve yet to hear back.  Any suggestions?  Who’s got Achilles-in-boot workout plans? 

I do some weights and machines, but I need cardio back!

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  1. Bri said:

    Hi coach-
    There is that point in recovery (at least for me) where you’re feeling energetic and ready to work out but can’t quite move your body fast enough to work up a sweat.

    I think swimming, walking and stationery biking are great… but definitely stick to whatever your doctor thinks is OK.

    I was tempted to go back to crutches at this stage because at least that was a good workout!

  2. fourleaf said:

    I am @ week 8 and had to wait til week 3 when I had surgery cast removed and hard cast put on. Then started slow with stationary bike, hand crank for cardio with sprinkling of weights. At week 5 started to extend stationary bike and finally got up to 25 to 30 min and did daily swims (tread water and kick mainly legs 30 min). This seemed to finally get cardio upward and keep the weight in line.
    I am now in 2 shoes but still take it EZ. I too am from south and between the good food and liquid southern hospitilaty, this is a bear.
    Good luck

  3. coach said:

    I’m at week five and a half. Did the doc okay you for swimming? I do some weights but have yet to ride the bike with my boot. I wish our gym had a hand crank but may start doing laps in the pool.

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