To Drive

August 25, 2008

So, after 2 weeks in a splint followed by 2 in a hard cast i am in my boot now.  Oh what a feeling!  Due to the need for me to make some money (bills and such) I have decided to drive.  I am extra carefull and use my left to brake.  I take the boot off and put a sandal on to drive.  I try to bend more at the knee than use my ankle and pronate.  Hopefully I am not doing any damage.  Any thoughts?

4 Responses to “To Drive”

  1. Matt said:

    I’ve been driving since week 1. I had to go buy a cheap Ford Taurus because both of my cars are 5spd. I just use my left foot for everything and rest my right off to the side. You should be fine, just drive safe and avoid the possibility of a “panic brake”. That would probably hurt. It’s bad enough we all can’t do anyhting else, at least we can drive and get to work so have somewhat of a normal life.

  2. coach said:

    I haven’t tried the all left foot approach. I have an automatic but my last car was a manual. I do miss it. I may give the all left a go tonight. Appreciate the advice!

  3. Matt said:

    It’s a little wierd at first but you get the hang of it pretty quick. Good luck to you!!

  4. walshie said:

    I drove lefty pretty much after week 2 or so, just pulled my bad foot up towards me.

    I went slow and tried not to hit anyone.

    If you do youre screwed.

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