11 weeks and Christmas with Achilles Avulsion Fracture

Since my first visit to physio 2 weeks ago I have been applying the exercises religiouslyand have some movement in the foot, still no pain. Got to be grateful for small mercies. Even managed 1.5 mile walk on crutches. Went to the waterski club and took some skiers out waterskiing, a bit cold but so [...]

Nine weeks and out of plaster

Time line so far for my achilles avulsion fracture.
Day 1 Re-connect bone and achilles set foot to equine position
2 weeks remove staples, x ray to check fracture repairing
7 weeks x ray foot to check fracure repairing and reposition foot midway between equine and level
9 weeks physio in order to get foot level

7 weeks gone already

I cannot believe 7 weeks have passed so quickly I honestly thought I would be pulling my hair out. One day just drifts into another.
As far as the injury goes not a lot changed still no pain just discomfort from the wound and bolts pressing against the cast. As the muscles waste away and swelling [...]

2 Weeks gone

Back Home

It was good to get back home,  now I could plan my recovery. I wanted more information about my injury so I left a message on a waterski message board and was pointed in the direction of achilles blog, loads of info and I strongly recommend you check out assuptions blog.
I had some pain but [...]

Treatment begins day 2

28th September.
Had the night at home, the foot is uncomfortable not a lot of pain on a scale of 1 to 10, I gave it 4. It was really swollen I had to try to sleep with it elavated, not easy but it is something I will need to get use to over the coming [...]

Zero hour

Welcolme to my Blog, never done one of these before so this is all new. I will start off minutes before the injury ccured September 27th 2009 approx 1300hrs.
I was competting in a waterski competition at South Lake Ski School, England, prior to skiing I had warmed up by riding a spin bike for 5 minutes and [...]

Hello world!

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