11 weeks and Christmas with Achilles Avulsion Fracture

Since my first visit to physio 2 weeks ago I have been applying the exercises religiouslyand have some movement in the foot, still no pain. Got to be grateful for small mercies. Even managed 1.5 mile walk on crutches. Went to the waterski club and took some skiers out waterskiing, a bit cold but so good to be doing something rather than vegetating.

Yesterday went for physio and then on to see consultant. I felt quite upbeet going to pysio, I had followed their instructions to the letter and had what I considered good movement coming back to the foot. Movement went from 60 degrees to 75 the aim is 100 degrees, so it was a start. The physio said anything less than 90 degrees would leave me with a limp. The physio done her work manipulating the bones and tendons in the foot, I did not realise how stiff the whole foot had become.

Onto the hospital to see the consultant. He quickly brought me back to earth with a bump. First time I saw the consultant 2 weeks after injury they showed concern regarding 2 small fragments of bone that had become displaced. This is now coming back to haunt me, they are not sure if there is enough bone to hold the Achilles in place. The consultant wants me to really stretch the Achilles by pushing against a wall with my hands and at the same time trying to push my heel against the floor and in their words if I push it hard enough and it is not fixing properly this will confirm it as it will again become detached. Well thats reassuring, not. The other problem is if I dont start stretching the Achilles they will need to operate again to lengthen it. And then to cap all of that they sign me off work for another, wait for it, 6 weeks. I thought they were having a laugh.

I am now putting weight on it and trying to walk, really surprising how tender the foot is, I think this is going to be a mind over matter situation. I found it really difficult to put weight on to it and walk, but then I said to myself I can do this, and I did. All the muscle memory has gone, so I need to re-find it. Well it looks like I will have to put myself through the pain barrier and see what happens when I come out the other end.

With Christmas fast approaching I wish you all  a merry Christmas and happy new year free of Achilles problems

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  1. Oh, man, seems like they should have decided all this before they did the surgery! Sorry you are having such a time of uncertainty, but you have the right attitude and will get through whatever is to come. Just remember, sometimes pain is the body’s way of saying “STOP, are you crazy?” so don’t push too hard.

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