Nine weeks and out of plaster

Just over nine weeks gone since my achilles avulsion fracture, where does the time go. If you had asked 9 weeks ago, where I would be in my recovery I would have said full weight baring and on the verge of returning to work. How wrong could I have been.

On my last visit to the fractures clinic they tried to adjust the angle of the foot from fully equine position to somewhere half way between that and level, but with limited success due to tightness of the tendon. On this visit it was hoped to get the foot level and get back into the cast. Well, fat chance of that. It would not move it was like an iron rod in fact I thought the Register was going to break my foot. So they decided they could not put it back into a cast as the foot needed to be level and if they couldn’t get it level it could mean another operation to lengthen the achilles.

Plan B, Physio. Again I had to explain the injury as nobody had delt with it before. Have been given exercises to help make the achilles flexible and after a day there does seem to be a slight improvement but is slight but it is a positve. But still no wieght baring.

Still, it was good to loose the cast, and it was good to get some air to the wound. you can tell where I have been due to the trail of flakey skin which is quite revolting. the suters are still uncomfortable under the skin and are the only thing stopping me having a decent nights sleep

I now feel I am entering stage 2 of the injury. stage 1 was repairing the injury, stage 2 will be getting the foot strong again and stage 3 will be regaining strength and fitness. Stage 4?

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  1. I’m 2 days behind you and have been in a boot for 3 weeks now.
    I also thought I’d be driving and back to work.

  2. Stage 4? Trying not to keep thinking about it!

    I am glad you are out of the cast. This way your foot should start to get more flexible, I hope you can remove the boot while sitting or sleeping, and then you can keep moving the ankle. It will need time. Your injury is very special, technically your tendon is not torn I guess, but heaven knows where or how it is attached back now?
    Good luck.

  3. For me, stage 4 will be when I forget that I’ve ever had the injury!

  4. Hi Mari, they have not given me a boot as yet. they wanted one with a raised heel but did not have one. At least it gives the wound a chance to dry.

  5. Hi secondtimer, they did not give me a boot as they really wanted to put it in plaster again and were more concerned at getting the angle right, next time with a bit of luck should get a boot.

  6. Hi Ultidad, yes I think you are right, mine was a sporting injury so I suppose it will haunt me for a while. Thanks for the comment.

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