7 weeks gone already

I cannot believe 7 weeks have passed so quickly I honestly thought I would be pulling my hair out. One day just drifts into another.

As far as the injury goes not a lot changed still no pain just discomfort from the wound and bolts pressing against the cast. As the muscles waste away and swelling reduces theres more room in the cast and I am able to push my toes fully forward and back, it feels like there is a little bit of movement in the heel and ankle, it does not hurt to move it which I take as a big positive.

Doing some regular exercise got up to 85 press-ups straight off, set a target of 100 by the time I return to work.

Really got to grips with the crutches even able to get up the stairs on them, would not recommend it though, you have to focus and make sure your head is forward so as to avoid losing your balance.

7 weeks is also my next visit to the fracures clinic. Now for some reason I was convinced I would have the sutrers removed. Turned up early, the reasoning is turn up early get seen earlier. On the information board a message telling patients we are one and a half hours behind, how can this be my appointment is 1020 the clinic opens at 0900 how can you be one and a half hours behind-you work it out! They remove the cast and I was plesently surprised to see a lot of the swelling had gone, little bit puffy on the inside ankle and heel and a bit more swollen on the outsite, bruising had gone and the would was clean .

I was sent back to the waiting area, eventually I was called into the consultants room only to be told I need an x-ray. then we have all the plavour again with the x-ray they just are not used to taking pictures of the back of the heel, after several attempts I tell them how it was done before. The x-ray bed was covered with my old flaky skin, it looked like a snakes skin after it slougths or changes its skin. When I return to the waiting area the place is nearly empty I ended up being one of the last to be seen.

The Doc told me the bolts would need to stay in, I was gutted I thought they would be out on this visit, he also said I will not return to work until the new year, thats another seven weeks, fourteen weeks in all.

I was to go back in plaster but with the foot at a different angle so the heel will be closer to the ground, so no longer in the equine position. Nurse had great difficulty adjusting the foot, the achilles was rock solid she had to use all her strength and body wieght. She reduced the angle by half so thats a start, hopefully it will be level after the next visit.

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  1. Congrats to being a model patient!

    However on the stairs they told me to hold the 2 crutches on one side and the handrail on the other. Would not be funny to fall on one’s face/back.

    Keep up the exercises. The prolonged non-weight bearing wreaks havoc in the body. I was shocked to realize that on that side my thigh, glutes even my abs got weaker. Hope next time will be cast off for you too.

  2. Hey I’m 7 weeks out too!

    Stairs on crutches scare me.

  3. Hi Mari, I wouldn’t recommend it either, crutch in one hand banister in the other, or on your knees if you not too good on the crutches. It was just the challenge.
    How did you get your injury?
    How you trying to maintain your strength and fitness?
    How you keeping sane?
    Thanks clive

  4. Hi Secondtimer thanks for your comments, I went up the stairs with both crutches only as a challenge it is not a thing I would practice regularly.
    What did you do to try to maintain some sort of fitness during your layoff?
    What stage are you at now?
    I cannot wait to get this cast off, but I think it will be at least another three weeks.
    Take care Clive

  5. Hi, Cliveous, My story is kind of long, if you want to read my blog see: http://achillesblog.com/2ndtimer/

    To put it shortly, I ruptured my tendon in February, had conservative treatment (7 weeks in cast NWB, 4 weeks in boot FWB) then I started physio, but I had pain when I was doing calf raises and swelling, and re-ruptured on July 1st. Then I had surgery, and I got out of the boot 2 months ago finally. Things are going well now. I am exercising daily, I started swimming again and can walk 45 minutes at a good fast pace now. But I still have a long way to gain back the lost calf strength, as I was immobilized for 2 x 11 weeks altogether.
    For the second time I was too scared so I took things easy. I basically did not do anything but sit in my garden for 5 weeks while in cast. Once I got the boot I started PT and moving my ankle whenever I got the boot off, to get the flexibility back. After I got out of the boot the real work began: PT 2-3 times a week and daily workouts. I am still at it…
    While you are in cast there is not a whole lot to do, anyways your body needs the rest in my opinion.
    The press-ups are great, if you keep doing them, keeps the core strong. Of course you can do sit ups or use hand weights any time, or do leg raises while sitting in a chair or laying down, for your thigh muscle ( lifting the injured leg and holding it straight for a little while, then lowering down SLOWLY). But as long as you are in the cast/boot the calf is just wasting away…

  6. 2nd timer that sounds horrific, thank you for sharing that with me. Did medical staff give you any idea why it happened a second time. At lease you enjoyed the summer, and it sounds like you are now managing your injury well. Wish you all the best on your road to recovery for a second time.

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  7. Oops sorry, you asked me a question and I missed it.

    >How did you get your injury?
    I had surgery to remove bone on my heel and they found thickening of the achilles so they fixed that.

    >How you trying to maintain your strength and fitness?
    I’m not able to get to the Gym and my exercise was always walking. I’ve trained for half marathons from Jan 2007 up till 2 weeks before the surgery 9 weeks ago and decided to wait with exercise.
    As soon as I can get around properly on 2 feet I will however start walking short walks and maybe swimming.

    >How you keeping sane?
    Internet, reading, knitting, tv.
    My friends have taken me places but after 8 weeks of just being by myself I started liking the solitude somewhat.
    I went back to work yesterday, very part-time and for now dependant on rides from people as I’m not driving yet.

  8. The problem I see with the “recommended” method of going up stairs on crutches is that you are putting a lot of additional stress on the uninjured side knee with the hopping. I never had any trouble going up stair on crutches, actually seemed pretty easy. Going down was a different story and the first step was always the worst. I hopped around on my uninjured leg to the point that my right knee has given me a fair amount of trouble.

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