2 Weeks gone

Well not a lot happened in the first two weeks, just done all the normal stuff you do when your off sick, try to be optimistic I was already pencilling a date for my return to work and being far too optimistic as I would discover later.
started reading had not read a book in years, I read Ground Truth in the first two weeks really interesting read about Paras in Afghanistan.
I have also started to grow a goatie beard and have decided not to shave it off, trim it yes but not remove it until I am fit to waterski again, misses does not like it.
It is also time for my first visit to the fractures clinic since surgery.
Turn up half hour early to find out they are one hour behind. Us Brits love a queue.
It was so good to have the cast off, it had got really uncomfortable due to muscle wastage and some swelling had gone down. Now the foot felt very vulnerable now it was out of the protective cast, I was very apprehensive about even resting it on the plasterers bench. Although some swelling had reduced there was still a lot there, it was also quite bloody but the wound was clean. I had nineteen staples removed. New cast was applied a nice red number and then off to X Ray and then wait again to see the Consultant. I was a bit disappointed with the x ray firstly the sutures looked huge, the Consultant was a bit surprised at the size of the sutures as they where nearly as thick as the dislodged peice of bone as the Consultant said if you have a small peice of wood and put two big bolts through it the wood splits and sure enough one of the xrays showed two fragments of bone had come away although small they were of concern. Next appointment was suppose to be in four weeks but ended up being five weeks as there was no slots available-fantastic a week behind already.

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