Zero hour

Welcolme to my Blog, never done one of these before so this is all new. I will start off minutes before the injury ccured September 27th 2009 approx 1300hrs.

I was competting in a waterski competition at South Lake Ski School, England, prior to skiing I had warmed up by riding a spin bike for 5 minutes and done some stretching so I was fully prepared for the exertion’s on my body from a sport that will seek out weaknesses in fitness and strength. I would always recommend warm up before doing any sport.

I cannot remember alot about the accident, I felt the ski leave the water and a sharp pain going through my heel, the next thing I remember was thinking I was upside down in the water trying to get to the surface and taking in water, I was later told I was up the correct way.

I was recovered from the water, when I looked at my heel I could see a gap above my heel of about 3/4 inch it did not look right I just knew it was bad. St Johns checked it out and packed it with ice (always a good idea). by the time the Paramedic turned up it badly swollen. I knew something was broke as I could feel the bone swooshing around.

At the Hospital the Nurse was sure it was an ankle injury, he even told the xray operative it was the ankle. I knew it was the heel. The reaction once they saw the injury was OMG never seen that before. It was an ACHILLES AVULSION FRACTURE. So this is where my recovery begins. I intend to get to full fitness by May so I will be a model patient.

 Hope you like the picture. You can see that appeared as soon as the injury accured. This was 5 minutes after, no swelling yet but the paramedic commented on how the toes were curled over and she said this was caused through trauma.

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  1. Cliveous - you are not alone! There are loads of us with ATRs and there is another avulsion sufferer - look up who has exactly the same thing, and what he doesn’t know about it ain’t worth hearing!
    Good luck with your recovery,

  2. Hi Smoley, thanks for your comments. I have heard lots of people rupturing the achilles but never known anyone having an ATR until I visited this site. I have studied assumptiondenied blog and that inspired me to do one, it will not be as good but I will try my best.
    How far are you down the recovery road?
    Thanks again Clive

  3. Clive, good to hear from you. I’m nearly nine weeks post ATR (op the following day). I’ve been NWB in a series of hard casts since then and the last cast comes off on Tuesday!!!! Yee haa! So I’m coming to the end of my phase 1 and about to enter the mystery that is phase 2. But I’ve had no complications so I’m hoping it stays that way!
    I assume you will have had some surgery to get fixed as your injury was over a month ago. How are you getting on?
    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Smoley I am on week 5, hopefully sutures to come out in 3 weeks, so yes had surgery. In myself Iam fine I just want to get walking again. I am assuming you have had sutures and by now you have had them removed. Phase 2 is that weight baring and learning to walk again?
    good luck will pick your brains later.

  5. Ahhh Excellent! Glad to see the avulsion population getting more representation, it felt a little lonely around here!

  6. thanks assumptiondenied, I you have just given me a tug I need to get my arse in gear and get some more done. tommorow maybe

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