Treatment begins day 2

28th September.

Had the night at home, the foot is uncomfortable not a lot of pain on a scale of 1 to 10, I gave it 4. It was really swollen I had to try to sleep with it elavated, not easy but it is something I will need to get use to over the coming months.

Achilles avulsion fracture is where the achilles is torn from the heel bone, when you see the xray you see a small fragment of bone and it looks like it is just floating on its own. What you do not see on the xray is the achilles as it is not bone.

The Surgeon explained the operation. Two suture pins to be inserted through the bone fragment and into the heel, well that sounds striaght forward enough. The leg would be in plaster for up to 10 weeks in the equine position (which means the toes point downwards a bit like a ballerina), and the leg to remain elavated for that time and no weight baring for up to ten weeks.

I had a light breakfast at 0700 hours and was told no food or drink until after the operation I was  absolutly starving. I went down the operating theatre at around 1500 hours, the operation lasted around two hours. When I came round I was offered a cup of tea which I needed so badly and I was offered a sandwich, I was given several to choose from, “I’ll have all of them” and I ate them all. Day two was coming to an end, got no sleep that night. every two hours I had blood pressure, heart rate and temperature checked, then nurse would ask me to wiggle my toes.

One of the amazing things was I had no pain, I put it down to the drugs I was given for the operation.

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  1. Sounds like you are on your way to recovery. Another person on the blog had the Avulsion surgery. Hopefully you and he will be able to communicate and exchange progress reports.

    Good luck and keep an upbeat and positive outlook…

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