Exercise on elliptical bicycle made by octane fitness, xR6000 model

I love this elliptical bike, My PT is allowing me to exercise gently on it while still wearing my boot, it keeps my foot and ankle completely still, not like the stationary exercise bike which I feel allows some ankle movement even when wearing the boot. Anyone else tried it out?

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  1. If you put your heel on the pedal of ANY bike, there should be very little AT-and-calf “work”, especially in the boot. But finding a machine you love is almost as important as finding a human being you love, so don’t stop! (Heck, some people have longer relationships with their exercise machines! ;-) )

  2. Just to back up what norm says above, when I suffered my complete ATR of the left leg, I was mountain biking at the time.

    Following the incident which took out my AT, I cycled home 6 miles with the damaged leg just resting on the pedal with my heel.

    Up and down a fair few hills (albiet at a slow pace), but not pain at all in the leg.

    When I got off and put my foot down, the pain returned, but riding on the heel didn’t bothere me at all.

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