Weight worries or not…!

I was concerned about gaining weight while sitting on my rear end so to speak , so I started the really high nutrition diet by Dr Furman as a preventative measure, I have been feeling great and have even lost a few of pounds despite an incredibly reduced exercise routine. There is book as well as a website for those interested, book is called ‘Eat to Live’ :-)

2 Responses to “Weight worries or not…!”

  1. @Clare what did your diet consist of, breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, etc??? Thanks!

  2. Lots of fresh vegetables, berries, nuts and beans, it is essentially a really superhealthy vegan diet. But the key is it doesn’t feel like a diet because the portion sizes of especially the green veggies are huge so I have had very little craving for snacks or candy which is a big step for me. If you can’t find the website I can post the link but don’t know if it is ok to do that…

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