3 weeks post surgery

3 weeks post surgery (4 weeks post injury) for full achilles tendon rupture, just got to ditch last crutch, walking in boot, YAY! One 1/2 inch wedge left which is coming out early next week

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  1. Yay! Congratulations!

  2. did you have a full achilles rupture? i had a complete tear and my doc told me 6 wks till i get a boot?!?!?!? i go back for first initial check-up on nov28, which is 10 days after surgery nov18. please advise…

  3. I got the boot 4wks post-op and for the next two weeks it is PWB and then FWB for the following 2 wks. Basically my surgeon believes I shoud be walking 6wks post-op, OMG is all I can say because I think it is moving along too fast. I know I have to trust him but…
    I guess everyone heals differently and everyone’s recovery is their own so don’t push yourself, let the tendon heal at your pace. I think 8-10 weeks post-op seems to be the average time to walk again.
    Good luck to all recovering from this terrible injury and here’s to getting in 2 shoes at your own pace.

  4. Becky - most of us actually all heal the same. The difference is generally in how we are treated and how we feel about taking the next step. I don’t think you are going too fast. The healing process is actually determined by biological factors built into the human body from day one.

  5. Thanks Stuart. It helps so much to get information to help me push forward. I guess I need to trust my surgeon, he knows best.
    I am 2 weeks ahead of the original schedule he had set for me so I guess that’s why I’m second guessing my recovery.

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