Weight worries or not…!

I was concerned about gaining weight while sitting on my rear end so to speak , so I started the really high nutrition diet by Dr Furman as a preventative measure, I have been feeling great and have even lost a few of pounds despite an incredibly reduced exercise routine. There is book as well as a website for those interested, book is called ‘Eat to Live’ :-)

3wks 6 days post op, physio, elliptical bike riding and followup on boot transition

Here is how I ended up in a boot so quickly, I took my boot with me to the 6 days post- op checkup and on examination my foot was already pretty much in neutral. I had very little swelling and so we (surgeon and I together) decided I could go with he boot and NWB provided I was very careful getting my foot in and out slowly. I started physical therapy at 13 days post op doing range of motion exercises and PABS board (sitting down), this week I stood barefoot for the first time at physical therapy.
It’s amazing how much of a difference being able to drop first one crutch ( carry a cup of coffee myself) and then the second (carry a plate of food) made to my sense of wellbeing and progress.

3 weeks post surgery

3 weeks post surgery (4 weeks post injury) for full achilles tendon rupture, just got to ditch last crutch, walking in boot, YAY! One 1/2 inch wedge left which is coming out early next week

Hello world!

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