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Mar 12 2016

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18 month update (brief) - non surgical achilles rupture

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Hi there all

I am way overdue to provide an update. Apologies.

I am so happy to be able to say its been 18 months (well, its actually been about 17 months) since I ruptured my right Achilles (playing indoor soccer). I went the non-surgical option. And I have to say, I’m glad I did, and I have had no major issues at all.

I am not quite back running (and other exercise) as much as I was before the injury, but this is partly due to me still being very careful and conservative. Walking is fine, I have gone for the odd run (up to 5 km, but usually have a walk break at one or two points during the run). I am riding my pushbike a bit and that’s fine. The running is not 100%, it does feel ‘different’ but not really bad or anything concerning, Its more ‘tight’, as I’m not stretching a lot under the advice of my physio, who I still see occasionally for ongoing advice.

I was almost religious about my rehab, I performed all of my exercises when instructed to by my ohysio early on in the process  and recovery. I did slack off a bit later, and I did pay the price in regard to some loss of progress. But Ive been back on board with my exercises. I basically can do whatever I want again, and function fine. I am still very careful though, and probably being a little too conservative, such as I don’t do any squats at the gym, I am not running much - yet, but I’m cycling a bit more instead. I am able to do three sets of 15 single leg heal raises (admittedly not quite as good as my other leg, but still improving). I’m very happy with this.

The orthopedic specialist (who recommended surgery) said he was happy with how I recovered. The two physios I have seen are also happy with how its recovered. I barely notice much difference between the appearance of the appearance of my Achilles compared to the other uninjured one. My injured one is a bit thicker and flatter, but I cant notice it too much unless really trying.

The period just after the injury was tough, as we all can relate to. My advice is just hang in there. If you are goo with your rehab I’m sure it will all be good. I’m certainly a big fan of non surgical (I had a 2.5 cm gap between the torn tendon ends) but I understand that whatever works for everyone is different.

Good luck to everyone and hang in there!


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