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Jan 23 2015

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I was wondering about others’ experience and their thoughts regarding orthotics for shoes in relation to part of management post ATR? I have flat feet and different podiatrists have said to me that I need orthotics every time I consulted one for different reasons over the last 20 odd years. I never bothered to get fitted for orthotics and thought I would put it off to the next time I would go and see one again (which would be every five years or so).

The MRI report following my ATR said "The rest of the tendon demonstrates abnormal signal in keeping with
The assistant at the imaging centre told me ‘the whole tendon looks stuffed’ after I asked her how it looked and where the tear was, etc.

So I am kind of convinced that my injured achilles (probably both Achilles’) has tendonosis (I think this is where there are many tiny tears in the tendon - possibly from overuse, where I think tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon) due to many years of running with flat feet without orthotics, and that this was a major contributing factor to the injury. I freely admit that I’m possibly way off and there is no scientific method or research I have used for this conclusion, but it makes sense to me (but I will discuss this further with my treating practitioners).  I did a lot of running in the 12 months prior to my atr and did my first half marathon a few months before it snapped. I cant say that I had any symptoms or soreness leading up to the injury.

So I will definitely be getting orthotics after I have healed enough to be able to be fitted for them. Hopefully that will also help with my lower back pain which I have had, and continue to have, my entire life. I have largely managed it with exercise as it is worse if I don’t exercise, but have also seen chiropractors and osteopaths at different times for maintenance.

I’m just curious what others might think about this as a possible contributing factor to the injury occurring (i.e. not having orthotics despite recommendations) and also as part of post injury management (getting orthotics)?

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Jan 13 2015

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12 weeks

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Hi all.  Its been great reading everyone’s stories, updates and progress.  I hope everyone has a good recovery.

Its been just short of 12 weeks since my TA Rupture (non-surgical) and it seems to be coming along well.  I got the all clear from the physio last Friday to start driving (finally!) but I am still to use the boot for most of my walking outside and in public.  Its such a relief to be able to walk in two shoes inside and its amazing to be driving again.  It feels like I have just been given my licence for the first time again.

It is definitely feeling stronger and I have been given some new exercises to do at home which include heel raises (from the floor, not a step, no stretching at all yet) using both feet at once and which is difficult not to have my good calf do all the work; and balancing on the injured foot, which is also too difficult for my liking.  But I am slowly getting better at the exercises and I am really happy to be able to advance to more demanding exercises.  I am ecstatic to feel the strength slowly come back.  Walking in two shoes is difficult and feels like going backwards a couple of steps in the process.  But I realise it is still progress.  The physio has told me to concentrate on short strides and to bend the knee (to have a ’soft knee’), which is easier said than done as I am probably more than slightly paranoid about reinjuring my Achilles as I can feel it pulling and stretching a bit.  Overall the physio is very happy with how it is coming along.  I see the physio again in two weeks and the Orthopaedic Surgeon at the end of the month.

I have been performing the Thompson test on myself while kneeling on a chair and I am getting some good movement from it.  I still elevate and ice it when I am at home.  I am very happy with how things are going but I am very mindful not to do anything too stupid nor will I rush things.  Wishing everyone a safe and good recovery.

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