I’ve still been running, almost up to being able to run 30 minutes continuously now. I still lose comfort in my running stride at times, but its becoming less frequent. I really haven’t done a lot of weight lifting with my legs yet. Toes raises, walking around on my toes, and stretching is pretty much all I’ve done outside of running and biking. I still notice that I have a slight limp at times if I sit for long periods of time, but a few steps and everything loosens up.

I’ve been playing indoor paintball which requires some sprinting and diving at times. I’d say that I’m back up to about 70% in terms of sprinting. I’ve still been a little bit nervous to push it, but I find its other parts of my leg that are getting sore versus my Achilles which is good.

Anyways that’s my update! I hope everyone is recovering well!