Got the okay to start running again today, so I decided to try it out. During my college years I ran religiously, running about 8-10 miles a day at a 6/min mile pace. Anyhow 3 years and 2 achilles rupture repair surgeries later.

I walked .25 miles, ran .25 miles at an 11/min mile pace, walked about .25, ran another .25 again at 11/min mile pace, then walked another .25.

I felt extremely uncomfortable. Normally I can settle into a rhythm, but I just didn’t feel like I had a good running stride. I know that my leg is pretty weak still, I can do a one legged heel raise and raise the heel of my rupture Achilles foot about an inch at this point. I’ve pretty much rid of the limp when walking except for when I wake up in the morning. The recent weather change here in Minnesota has really stiffened it up in the mornings.

At this point I’m done with doctors appointments and physical therapy. So the recovery from this point forward is up to me.

If anyone has any good advice or stories about their first run after their rupture, I’d like to hear it. It’s pretty depressing how much I’ve lost.