Well I had my, 3rd Post-Op since my re-rupture surgery today and the Doc approved of me wearing 2 shoes again! Only limitation is no running or jumping. He said that it’ll be another 3-4 months before I can start running again. I can however start doing more strengthening in PT. As for any other activities, I am to moderate the amount I participate in them based on the amount of pain I have.

PT thus far has pretty much been the same as I posted before, however we did add some leg lifts, walking exercises, and stair stepping exercises into the mix.

I feel like I walk a bit slower in the shoes right now than I did in the boot, not sure if its just a mental thing or an instability thing. I do need to go out and buy new shoes though. 18 weeks ago before, 6 hours before I ruptured the first time, I had just bought brand new shoes. Now I have a brand new left shoe and a beat up right shoe.

I also drove my car for the first time since May. I miss driving my own car so much!

Anyways that’s all I have for now really, I have my final post-op appointment on December 2nd.