August 2009

Today was my first day without using crutches. I’m finally getting back to where I left off prior to re-rupture. In the last 8 days I’ve removed two of the four heel lifts from my boot and went from PWB to FWB. It feels good to finally be able to have some independence back again. I hated asking for people to carry everything for me.

I’ve had a quite a bit of pain along the top of my foot and through the arch of my foot. The second time around things have been quite a bit more painful. My therapist said that the atrophy has weakened the muscles, so I’ll still have some pain, but it’ll go away as I rebuild all the muscle. Towards the end of the day my foot is pretty sore, but understandable so. My leg has pretty much been atrophying away since May when I originally ATR’ed. My therapist all mentioned that the tissue around my scars is pretty solid, so starting next week he is going to spend a little extra time doing some ultrasound and massage therapy to loosen up the tissue. For now in therapy we’re doing ROM and minor strengthening.

My next re-evaluation is September 30th, at which point my doctor decides if I am finally ready to back into shoes or not.

Hope recovery is going well for everyone!

Just had my 6 week post op today and got the cast removed. Man did that feel good to have my foot out of that thing finally. I’m back into the boot for another 6 weeks. On September 30th my doctor will re-evaluate to see if I am ready to finally wear shoes again. For now I’m cleared to go FWB as I feel comfortable doing so. My Doctor said that as long as I’m in the boot I’ll be fine, but it’ll probably be till the end of the week that I can walk without the crutches.

I have 2 heel lifts and 2 half inch thick pieces of compressed cotton in my boot. I guess that’s what happens when you rupture twice in a 2 month period…there’s a lot of damaged tendon to be removed.

That’s all I got for now.