July 2009

Went in for my 2 week post-op numero dos today, they removed the splint which revealed a nice “piece of art”. The re-rupture occurred just above the first rupture so he used the original incision again. However, this time he had to make a secondary incision as a relief so that he had an additional amount of tendon to work with. Not exactly sure of the procedure performed, but it was explained to me that it lengthened the Achilles so that he had more to work with at the lower incision.


Being that I ruptured first time around May 17th, then re-ruptured June 30th, my doc has opted for a tad bit more of a conservative approach this time around. I went from the splint to a nice new blue cast. I got to see my foot for about 20 minutes, wash it off, and try to move it around, however I pretty much had 0 range of motion. I got my work cut out for me in this recovery because I basically have to stretch my tendon twice the amount as I would have, had I only had the one rupture.

new cast

Anyways, cast comes off August 17th, two days before my 25th birthday. I guess that’s an “exciting” birthday present. I’m assuming that once the cast is off I’ll start PT over again. Back to work Monday! I’ve missed 7 weeks of work since May, and it’s weird to say, but I’m actually a little bit excited to go back. Sitting around and watching movies, TV shows, and playing XBOX360 has really gotten old second time around through this recovery process.

That’s all I got for now!

Well I’m writing on here because I needed to take my mind off my ATR and being that its 2:15AM, no one is awake… So I was about to fall asleep tonight when I moved then all the sudden got uncomfortable, moved again got even more uncomfortable, moved a couple more times and the discomfort got to the point where I started to hyperventilate, I broke out into a sweat, and I could feel my heart racing. The only thing I could think of was “I need to get out of this cast…NOW!!!!”. For about 10 minutes I felt like this and it was taking every bit off effort for me to not rip this cast off my leg. I know some of you are probably saying “dude, just relax”, but in all honesty, I couldn’t. I couldn’t get my mind to change thoughts to something else. I’ve never had an anxiety / panic attack before, but this was scary. I felt like the only thing that could calm me down would be for me to remove this cast. I finally was able to calm down by laying on my back on the ground in front of a box fan and taking deep breaths for about 15 minutes.

The good news is that on Weds the cast comes off and I go back into the boot and I’ll be able to remove that in case this happens again. I don’t know how some of you who wear the casts for 6-8 weeks can do it.

Anyways, I just needed to write, and this seemed like the best place to do it for me right now. All I can say is that I hope I never have a panic attack again, because I felt like I had zero control of my thoughts.


My pain subsided pretty quickly after surgery this time around, I only used the pain meds for the remainder of the day that I had my operation and the next day. Until today I’ve been virtually pain free, however as today has gone on I’ve been feeling a dull pain in the middle of my calf. I’m kind of paranoid about DVT now, so I am curious as to what some peoples symptoms were before they are diagnosed with DVT…If this pain consists I’m going to make an appointment with my doctor to get checked for DVT.

Other that the slight pain and DVT paranoia, everything seems to be going fine. I can feel that things are starting to itch a little bit which tells me the skin is healing around the staples, however the itching is really annoying.

I can’t wait to get this cast taken off, however as I mentioned before, it’s a break from the boot which weighs like 3x as much.

Had surgery again yesterday, some of the nurses recognized me and were giving me a hard time.

Anyways, this surgery took about an hour and a half compared to the twenty to thirty minutes it took the first time. My doctor said that this one was a little bit more difficult. They removed the original sutures from my first operation, and pretty much did the same operation over again. However this time there was even less tendon to work with, so my doctor said that they had to cut up into my calf muscle to get a good amount of tendon to tie the ends together. Instead of being back in the boot this time, I am in a splint because my toes are pointed out much more this time around. I feel crazy saying this, but I’m much happier about being in the splint this time around, it’s so much lighter and less bulky compared to the boot.

The Block is lasting much longer this time around. It lasted just a few hours after I got home the first time after surgery. This time, its been 19 hours since surgery and I’m just starting to be able to move my toes again and get feeling back.

Same things apply this time around…Post-Op is July 20, at this time they will make the decision to either put me back into the boot or put me into a cast. Mr doctor told me that I am his first patient to completely re-rupture his tendon so soon after the first surgery.

Here’s a couple pics of my foots home for the next couple weeks –


As the title states, here we go again…

Re-ruptured…the first repair held perfectly fine, however I re-ruptured just above my first rupture.

My surgery is tomorrow at 10:30…

Just for reference, here is how things look at 5 weeks post-op / 1 day pre-op.

I don’t really have much else to say…I’m really frustrated right now…

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