May 2009

I just got home from the hospital. The surgeon said that the surgery went really well. They started just a little bit before 8am, I was back in recovery by 9, and now home by 10.

I’m not in a cast, but I’m back in the boot. The doctor told me to keep it on so I’m not sure what kind of dressing / padding is going on under there, but the boot is pretty puffed up around the ankle. Right now my ankle is just shy of 90 degrees, I had 2 wedges in the boot prior to surgery, not sure if they added more. Anyways in 2 weeks all the dressing comes off and I guess I’m staying in the boot. No casts for me! :)

They did a “block anesthesia”, so basically I got 2 shots in the back of the leg to numb everything up, then they just gave me whatever in the OR to put me to sleep for a little bit. In the past few years I’ve had my wisdom teeth pulled and my tonsils removed and I never felt this good after surgery, so that’s a plus.

That’s all for now.

Well, in less than 24 hours I’ll be in surgery having my Achilles repaired. I’m somewhat nervous right now, but I just want to get it over with so I can move forward to the rest of the recovery fun that awaits.

At my post-op the surgeon said that my foot was still really swollen, so I’ve been icing 4-5 times a day in the past week. I’ve gotten use to do ice buckets again, hadn’t done these since I was in high school. I’ve noticed that the swelling around my foot has gone down quite a bit and the bruising doesn’t look half as a bad as it did a week ago.

For fun, here’s a pic showing my dogs favorite part of this whole ordeal.

Lancer eating ice

That’s all I got for now, more to come tomorrow after the surgery if I’m feeling up to it.

I had my Pre-Op Consultation today (May 20, 2009) and my surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, 2009.

For the time being I’m finally out of the Splint / Cast that was put on at the Emergency Room. There was still quite a bit of swelling in my ankle, but I haven’t been able to ice with the cast on my leg. Up until the surgery I will be wearing the Eskimo like boot. I feel like I could wear this thing in winter and be extremely warm, haha.

Here’s a pic of the boot!
Air Cast Boot

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff to get ready for the surgery, I’ve had to fill out a bunch of stuff regarding my Short-Term Medical Leave from work. I’ve been getting appointments scheduled around times where I have a car to use. I drive a car with a manual transmission, so being that my left Achilles is ruptured, working the clutch is pretty painful. Therefore, I’m going to have to be borrowing the parents car, which means I have to drive them to work in the morning beforehand. I have to go to a Pre-Op physical tomorrow to make sure that I’m healthy for surgery. After that it should pretty much be smooth sailing up until the day of surgery.

My doctor discussed some of the Post-Op recovery with me, and from what I’ve read online, he seems to have a very aggressive pace to recovery. I’ll be in a cast for two weeks after surgery, then I have my Post-Op Checkup where he will remove the cast and put me back into the boot. Two weeks after the surgery he indicated that I will immediately begin physical therapy. In four weeks he suggested that he would like for me to be back in both shoes, and in six weeks I would be back to moderate physical activity. After reading a bunch of other peoples recovery processes, this makes me a bit nervous as it seems extremely aggressive. However he has also said that lately he’s been doing one to two ATR surgerys a week so I will just have to trust his judgment.

That’s all I got.

Hello all,

My name is Chuck Rogers.  I’m a 24 year old male (in case you couldn’t tell by the name ;)).  In the summer I consider myself to be a moderately active person.  I run 5 days a week, walk my dog, enjoy wakeboarding, and I also drive my car around a road course track up in Brainerd, MN.  I am trying not to think about how all the things I enjoy doing will be out of the question for me this summer.

On May 15, 2009 I ruptured my Achilles Tendon in my left ankle completely.  I found this site hoping for some recovery advice / motivation.  I also wanted this for tracking my recovery progress.

I was seen in the Emergency Room here in St. Paul, Minnesota on May 17, 2009 where I failed the Thompson Test the first time.  Without X-Ray or MRI the doctor was fairly certain I had ruptured my Achilles.  Today May 19, 2009 I was seen at Summit Orthopedics where I had x-rays and the Doctor did the Thompson Test again which I obviously failed.  At 8:20 PM on May 19th, I had an MRI of my ankle taken.  I was given a CD with the pictures and cause easily see the ruptured tendon.

MRI of Achilles Rupture

Tomorrow I go to meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon for my Sugery Consultation.

That’s pretty much all I have for now.