Two Weeks In, I Got the Boot

The boot is relatively easy to take off and is very well padded and comfy. It is slightly heavier than the bandages I had previously and so when I first started to walk on my crutches I could feel the weight a bit more. The good thing about the boot is that I can put a little bit of weight on it and so I can rest my foot on the floor whilst standing with crutches.

The Beginning

The game was 45 minutes into the hour and I was on a roll. I had scored 4 goals and was keen to get another. I found myself outside my own penalty area waiting for my keeper to roll the ball out to me. There was no one around me. I was standing still. I went to push off with my elft foot to start a run and then “POP!” I heard a very loud pop and felt like someone had kicked me very hard in the back of my heel. I fell to the floor with a pain in the back of my leg. I wasn’t sure what had happened at first but when I tried to stand back up again I knew that something serious had just happened.