Two Weeks In, I Got the Boot

So it’s been 2 weeks of me sitting around with my leg up as much as I possibly can. Luckily I can work from home so I have spent most of my day actually working at a table with my leg up on a chair so it is horizontal. This seems to be the comfiest position.

June 20th 2012
This is the day of my first clinic appointment at Bath RUH hospital. My friend gave me a lift there and I hobbled to the waiting room on my crutches. Eventually my nurse came to get me and took me to a treatment bay. I climbed up onto the bed and she then proceeded to cut off my bandaged up left leg. This was quite exciting as it is the first time I would get to see the scar where I had my surgery. The bandages came off. Then there was a large plaster. Luckily the surgeons had shaved the back of my leg so the plaster didn’t tear any leg hairs off! I then saw for the first time the paper sticthes that ran all the way up my leg across the scar which is about 8 inches long from the bottom of my heel to my just under my calf. The nurse then proceeded to pull off each stitch one by one which felt like a small pin prick as she did it. Then the full scar was revealed. I was a little bit shocked by the scar at first as it worked its way up my leg and there was still some dried blood around it. The nurse then left me for 5 minutes and it was me and my scar and my leg exposed to the fresh air. It felt so nice on my left leg having air on it again after 2 weeks of being bandaged up.

The consultant arrived and had a look and thought that it was healing well. He also confirmed that the surgery had gone very well. He explained that my rupture was a good clean rupture that was straight forward to repair. Sometimes he sees ruptures that look like a grenade has gone off inside the leg and there’s debris everywhere! He confirmed that the next stage would be to fit me with a boot. I asked him some questions about recovery, physio and driving which he duly answered, completed some forms and then he was gone.

The nurse dressed my scar with a large plaster and I went back to the waiting room to wait for my next appointment with the plaster room where they keep the boots. I eventually got called into a room full of chairs covered in plastic and I could imagine people sitting in these chairs having their plaster casts applied. The nurse then fitted me with a black boot with velcro straps across the front.

The boot is relatively easy to take off and is very well padded and comfy. It is slightly heavier than the bandages I had previously and so when I first started to walk on my crutches I could feel the weight a bit more. The good thing about the boot is that I can put a little bit of weight on it and so I can rest my foot on the floor whilst standing with crutches. I am still very nervous about putting any weight on to it though. The boot angle with my heel does move a little and I find that a little unnerving when I put a little weight on it and the boot angle changes. I just need to get used to how far that angle is. I can really feel my Achilles strecthing and aching when I do this and am really careful to point my toes back down as soon as I can to relieve the ache. I’m making sure I do move it though as I am keen to start exercising it again soon.

Another great thing about the boot is that I can take it off and have a bath. I did that this morning and it was so nice. I could actually clean around the scar area and my leg and made me feel a bit more human again. I still have to wear the boot in bed though.

My next appointment is in 2 weeks time and the angle of the boot will be changed again to stretch my Achilles further. And I will then be able to start putting a little more weight on it.

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  1. Hi there,
    amazing to hear how the treatment differs on the NHS. I did mine at 8 at night, went to A&E, I knew it was bad. They stuck a cast on and said to get an appointment at the fracture clinic. No mention of an op. Nothing. I actually spent the weekend researching and decided that non op was the way I wanted to go anyway. I didn’t even get to see a registrar in A&E just a come back next week. Think you were very lcuky to get such speedy advice. Keep us posted. There is a part of this site just for UK ATR’s if you’d like to take a look.

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