Accident on the steps. Back and forward

Hanging out with my family, easier to go down steps then up them. On my way up, I slipped and stomped down on my injured foot. A lot of pain and swelling and couldn’t walk right. Saw doctor 3 days later said everything is normal, asked for a mri, he declined it, saying he knows what is going on and to trust him. I cautioned that I had read many people who re ruptured doing something similar, and they were able to maintain dorsi and plantar motion, he scoffed at the idea and told me the push off strength was still good meaning no tear. Anyway a week since the accident the pain persisted and I was back to walking with a heavy limp. And just yesterday I was flexing my foot up and down for about a good 2 hours testing my pain threshold, all of a sudden I feel, what I cannot call a pop in my calf and 2 minutes later I feel no pain when I move my foot. I do my bedtime pt exercises, wake up and my rom is back to normal, my walk is back to less of a limp. At this point my only problems is my big toe is still stiff. Anyone have any experience with injuring their foot and not re-rupturing ? and toe stiffness? and a calf muscle twitch that helped foot movement?

Simon says, 2 shoes

My Surgeon says that I should be 2 shoes, no crutches starting yesterday. Wear sneakers indoors and walk around, told me to not even elevate my leg. Was astounded by the strength back in my foot. My doctor tested this by me pushing him while he was on a rolling chair, mind you he is 6′2 and 270 easily. He said the limp is normal and I can walk normal given a week or two of gait training, told me ” the mind is blocking you from wanting to walk straight”, also told me to relax in therapy, not to push myself in dorsiflexion ( I would let the therapist go to beyond tensing and at an extreme pain threshold), he even recommended that I practice more plantarflexion since it was less risky. He had a touch over the Achilles and again was blown away at how well the achilles was recovering said, there was nothing wrong with the injury and that I am miles ahead of the average patient, but warned me when I suggested walking to pt, he said to use a cane for stability and walk slow. I have demoed what he told me and this morning for the first time in a long time I made myself breakfast sans crutches, went to the bathroom sans crutches. I can for the most part get up from a sitting position with 50 50 weight on both legs, before I had an issue with that. I just want to say I am grateful for the people on this site who share all their progress, I learn a lot from everyone, would also like to thank Norm specifically, Norm your knowledge has proven me wrong and helped me progress and helped me learn how to talk to my surgeon better, I can ask questions and get the proper feedback. I wish a speedy recovery to everyone here. Today is another day of Pt, so I can’t wait to turn down the dorsiflexion when I get to that part.

First steps, no crutches week 7. Pictures

Ohh boy do I have a limp. Took my first real steps unassisted today and I have a few concerns, before the steps I had tightness in the back of my leg when I did dorsiflexion, after the steps the tightness in my leg is gone when I do dorsiflexion now. Is it like this for anyone else? or am I overdoing it by stepping on it at week 7 with full weight. Thanks and would love to hear feedback.

Btw the scar pictures took these at 6 weeks and 2 days.
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Moving forward or back

Yesterday was the first time I was in physical therapy back to back. I was doing a lot of weight bearing outside of the boot. And I have had the boot since the 23rd. I have two different physical therapist, a woman who is more aggressive and a guy who wants slow recovery. I had the guy this Tuesday and the woman Monday. The woman likes me to do everything out of the boot and gives deep tissue massages. The guy doesn’t want to give one since he says the wound is new and wants me in the boot to do weight bearing. I have no complaints with the woman therapist, but with the guy I feel like he moves too slow. So he called my bluff of not wanting the boot and had me do 30 % plus weight bearing on the foot no boot. I was doing side stepping, back and forth stepping, and moving forward with the crutches. Now since the therapy my foot feels heavy, the rom is a little sloppy, more pressure around the heel, and my Achilles tendon when flexing up or down feels very tense. Is this normal when you try to start weight bearing early, or did I do damage. I am no expert, so I am asking the community for input, I can’t get in touch with my doctor to ask, and my next appointment is the 16th. My other question is should I lay off the weight bearing outside of boot regardless of the discomfort in it?

Today is a day shy of 6 weeks. 5 sessions of PT, very sore some popping

Wow time is flying, but this recovery is not, but this is to be expected. Got out of the cast the 23rd and now I am attending pt 3 times a week almost. Things have went by quick once the boot was given, deep tissue massages a lot of stretching out of the boot and 10-40 percent weight bearing on the left foot without a boot. I went from no movement in the ankle to being able to do a whole entire range of motions, but today in pt was the second time I got what I think is a deep tissue massage all around the scar, and a lot of massaging of the Achilles tendon. I heard some minor popping noises, my physical therapist assured me that this was just the scar tissue breaking up. I still have the ability to move my foot in all directions to an extent. I was curious anyone have any similar experience when they massage the area. Plus when I was weight bearing towards 40 % I began to sweat and shake, my entire body. Am i pushing my recovery or am I just right. Like I said my doctor thinks I only need 3 weeks time in the boot. And I rarely use the boot since it is gigantic, I prefer to do rom all day with light weight bearing on my left foot. Another thing, when I tried weight bearing and bending both of my knees I felt an unbearable stretching at the tendon, again i want to know if anybody thinks I am overdoing my pt, or not. Handling the pain is nothing, but I don’t want to damage myself to the point I need another surgery. I want to be cautious since 1). I am a big guy ( a lot more weight than most on this site) 2). I have a high tolerance to pain, so the pain I do feel I would consider pushing it anyway. Any tips advice or similar experience would be appreciated.

Week 4 boot :) Pictures, look mom no crutches

Saw my surgeon today at his private practice. The week before when I saw him he was shaking his head at the fact I could not put my foot at a 90 degree angle, but given 2 therapy sessions and my wonderful mother who would flex my foot to a 90 plus degree angle, and strength training by putting my foot against a flat book and pressing down on it, helped my regain motion in my foot. I was able to move my foot up and down, I almost passed out from pain before when they moved it to 90, now I am in a boot at 90 degrees. I have Physical therapy 3 times a week and tomorrow is my first visit with the boot. I can’t wait to get a real massage use the muscle machine and lift a bit of weight. My doctor also reported that I was shockingly strong and warned me to not push it just because I feel strong. The doctor gave me boot and said I need to only wear it for 3 weeks he initially said 4 weeks, and that I do not need to sleep with it, but for the first 2 days It would not hurt. After a week he said I won’t need 2 crutches, just one and my recovery should only speed up with 3 pt sessions a week.

So many thoughts going through my head, I will be able to take a real shower and get the incision area wet for the first time in a long time, so far I got rid of all the dead skin at the bottom of my foot and the sight was one to behold. Life is great right now.

I hope everyone is doing great and again stepping off clear path might help sometime. I mean my doctor and physical therapist thought It would take longer to reach the 90 degree angle, but I did that and exceeded that in what is basically a week, with help from my mother. It means the world to me to be able to stand even if it is with a boot. To join the walking world. I cannot wait. God bless

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Week 3 stitch removal. 90 degree angle no way/ Pictures

Today was my third visit with my surgeon, quick in an out. They took my half cast off and threw it out, wish I could had kept the cast since I have the other half at home. So anyway they removed my stiches, with a little bit of bleeding, but I was told this is normal when removing stiches. Fear averted, I didn’t break anything, nwb the whole time. The wound was clean, no infection, the doctor said the wound is healing nice. My foot is very stiff, I could barely move it and when I did they tried to get it into the 90 degree position to put a fiberglass cast on. Usually I am great with pain, but my tendon felt like it would pop, so they stopped and kept it at 45 degrees, I was tense the entire time. My surgeon walked in and was upset that his assistants didn’t place my foot at 90 degrees like he asked, but they pleaded that it wasn’t feasible at the time. My surgeon said this was normal for my foot to be this stiff, and I should seek a physical therapist as soon as possible. So today will be spent calling places and seeing what place is best for me meaning, take my insurance, dealt with this before, and in a close distance from my home. Once that is all set up I will see them and start the physical therapy. I need to get 1 or 2 sessions in before my 7/23/14 follow up with my surgeon, he said I will get a boot to practice pwb and fwb. Now my question to those of you out there how many of you had issues moving your foot to the 90 degree angle after close to 4 weeks? What was therapy like around 4 weeks with the stiffness? And does the boot start you at 90 degrees? Again I believed I was great with pain until they put my foot into the 90 degree position I winched and had a very tense feeling in the Achilles and this was the position my surgeon wanted it stuck in. So any thoughts btw some pictures.

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My injury 5 days post op scar Picture

Just wanted to share, and test the feature to show pictures. Lmk what you guys think, the injury was the first time my surgeon had to cut that high. I did a number on myself I know. The thought was since I wasn’t yelling  in the Er, that it was a partial tear, and the X-ray didn’t say much, but lo and behold a large tear. So the surgery went from 2-3 hours to around 5 hours. I will provide another picture at my 2nd post op visit after this Tuesday coming up. Anyway have a great day everyone. My os says that the stitches will be removed and I will get a boot some time next week, when I will be fwb according to my doctor, but I will see and not overdo things.


14 days post op Happy 4th of July. My 1st post

Well hello to everyone who frequents the blogs, I have been a lurker on here for quite a while, I started the first day when I was in the ER and suspected I had an Achilles tendon rupture. Before I begin the story of my injury, I would like to give a little insight as to who I am.

I am  25 year old male, a recent College graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice,  5′8 and weigh 300 pounds (You are probably thinking no wonder he had the atr), and I love basketball.

The day of my injury was the 17th of June, I was playing basketball in sneakers that I probably should not have been wearing, Roshe Run nikes, which cut well below the ankle and provide no support what so ever, about 30 plus minutes into playing basketball I felt a pop in the back of my heel, I dropped to the floor and I looked around for whatever caused me to drop, the surface was flat, so I knew I had an internal injury. Panic set in and people were still playing ball not noticing I was floored, so I crawled to the gate in the park I was playing at, Called any friends or family who had a set of crutches, My father and cousin responded quickly, we got into the car and off to the ER with a set of crutches that were way too old for me to be using.

I was met with the first problem two options to enter the ER, a large set of steps or a long walk though a wheelchair ramp, I didn’t have the strength to move  on my feet like I wanted to I am 300 pounds so, we ask for a wheelchair, it takes about 30 minutes we get one then Er wait time set in almost fall asleep, get called to see triage nurse, then 10 minutes later get sent to walk to the X-ray Room which was a long walk and mind you they take the wheelchair away once you get in the er. What world do we live in? So I am struggling to go on my crutches and I use my bad foot to walk to the Er, the nurse who triaged me says the injury must not be that bad since I am walking to the x-ray room. Ha Ha ha, I finally get there and get the X-ray then the long walk back, finally a call into a private room, a doctor steps in and says she thinks I have an atr, so she does the thompson test and confirms it. Writes me a prescription some painkillers, a surgery date, and a new set of crutches.

I go home the 17th thinking I am royally screwed since the doctor I saw said the surgery will be a 4 week recovery and I read all on the blogs it takes a lot longer to recover, So I confide in my parents who are taking care of me because of the injury. So I set out mentally prepping for the surgery on the 20th, never had surgery prior to this, so everything is new to me, but I ask questions, speak with the doctors who will operate on me, and finally come in to do the surgery, I was asked to do an MRI, before hand, but I declined since we all knew what injury I had plus once the cut me open, they will know  even better.  Plus it is a pain to go to the hospital there are literally no wheelchairs, and I am too heavy to be walking with crutches, I am not fit enough. So long story short, the tear was really bad, worse then thought initially, the doctor thought since I didn’t use the painkillers before and since I was calm my entire er stay and before surgery it was a partial tear, but this one went from Achilles to my Calf, I needed a graft.  Long before I knew it I was out, and I woke up to the sound of a saw cutting away at the cast at my foot, I told the doctors in front of me no I want my leg, don’t chop it. They begun to laugh and say that ” they are splitting the cast into two pieces and not to worry, the nurse passes by and ask if I am in any pain. I say a little and she pops some liquid into my Iv, I feel a little better, My parents rush to the hospital get me in a wheelchair take me home, and the journey to recovery begins.

I wake up, not remembering much after the surgery, but what I do know, is that I am in a cast, I can no longer walk on two legs, the path ahead of me is long, and my support system although I am grateful is not there all the time, I have to learn how to move without my leg, I have to strength train with walking on crutches, since I get winded by moving from here to the front door, and I had to learn the consequences of drugs. The first thing I did when I woke up was go to the bathroom, I slightly hit my leg leg on the door to the bathroom, pain shot up my leg, I jumped back onto the couch I was staying on and popped my pills the anti biotic and the percocet, within 30-40 mins I feel light headed and better, but the pain will not go away. I dealt with it till I had to take more pills, So ends the first day. I woke up the second day considerably better, and no need for pain killers, but I am getting some of the side effects, so I lay off the pain killers. So everything was fine day 2.

Anyway as time goes on I do a visit at the outpatient clinic and meet with some of the doctors who performed my surgery and they take the cast off, they love the progress, so everything is alright so far, no infection, still a lot of strength in my foot only problem, my toes barely wiggle and my foot has little to no rom. They only put on the back part of the cast, and tell me the next follow up is in 2 weeks to remove the stitches, so I go home, and practice wiggling my toes, I at this point have developed a system to get dressed and showered, neither is pretty, but I get the job done.

I am now 14 days post op, I can wiggle my toes more fluently, I can move for extended periods of time on my crutches way better then the first day, and I have been losing weight, idk if this is because all I do is eat homemade meals and drink water, no access to the bad foods, but I hope it keeps up. I was thoroughly depressed when the injury happened, since I had a job interview with a potential employer and they demand you be fit enough to pass a physical test to join. I did everything up to the physical test, I was training for it, but now I can’t do it till I am back on two feet, and I worry, but I am a fighter and I believe if I follow everything I need to do,  in time I will be back on my feet and ready to do the course in December or November of this year. I have learned the limits of myself and what I am willing to challenge, I have a huge fear that the atr might happen to my right foot and that fear stops me from sleeping at night, but I still wake up everyday and practice walking on crutches standing on one leg, my mind is set, fear will not stop me from walking again or bouncing back better from this injury.

I want to apologize for the long post, idk if it is because I am out of school that I wrote an essay as my first blog post, but I will shorten it come the next update. I hope everyone enjoys their day, as I will mine.