Accident on the steps. Back and forward

Hanging out with my family, easier to go down steps then up them. On my way up, I slipped and stomped down on my injured foot. A lot of pain and swelling and couldn’t walk right. Saw doctor 3 days later said everything is normal, asked for a mri, he declined it, saying he knows [...]

Simon says, 2 shoes

My Surgeon says that I should be 2 shoes, no crutches starting yesterday. Wear sneakers indoors and walk around, told me to not even elevate my leg. Was astounded by the strength back in my foot. My doctor tested this by me pushing him while he was on a rolling chair, mind you he is [...]

First steps, no crutches week 7. Pictures

Ohh boy do I have a limp. Took my first real steps unassisted today and I have a few concerns, before the steps I had tightness in the back of my leg when I did dorsiflexion, after the steps the tightness in my leg is gone when I do dorsiflexion now. Is [...]

Moving forward or back

Yesterday was the first time I was in physical therapy back to back. I was doing a lot of weight bearing outside of the boot. And I have had the boot since the 23rd. I have two different physical therapist, a woman who is more aggressive and a guy who wants slow recovery. I had [...]

Today is a day shy of 6 weeks. 5 sessions of PT, very sore some popping

Wow time is flying, but this recovery is not, but this is to be expected. Got out of the cast the 23rd and now I am attending pt 3 times a week almost. Things have went by quick once the boot was given, deep tissue massages a lot of stretching out of the boot and [...]

Week 4 boot :) Pictures, look mom no crutches

Saw my surgeon today at his private practice. The week before when I saw him he was shaking his head at the fact I could not put my foot at a 90 degree angle, but given 2 therapy sessions and my wonderful mother who would flex my foot to a 90 plus degree angle, and [...]

Week 3 stitch removal. 90 degree angle no way/ Pictures

Today was my third visit with my surgeon, quick in an out. They took my half cast off and threw it out, wish I could had kept the cast since I have the other half at home. So anyway they removed my stiches, with a little bit of bleeding, but I was told this is [...]

My injury 5 days post op scar Picture

Just wanted to share, and test the feature to show pictures. Lmk what you guys think, the injury was the first time my surgeon had to cut that high. I did a number on myself I know. The thought was since I wasn’t yelling ┬áin the Er, that it was a partial tear, and the [...]

14 days post op Happy 4th of July. My 1st post

Well hello to everyone who frequents the blogs, I have been a lurker on here for quite a while, I started the first day when I was in the ER and suspected I had an Achilles tendon rupture. Before I begin the story of my injury, I would like to give a little insight as [...]